Blogside: Miamism Generating Buzz and a Harvard Lawyer in Miami

  • A press release was just published for I’d like to invite my readers to check out the website. It provides, among other things, insight into buying and selling homes as well as purchasing in condo hotels. The content is evolutionary and substantive.  Ines, a Realtor specializing in the Miami Shores market, is a friend of Boom or Bust, and I wish her and her husband Rick continued success.
  • On another note, Jared Beck, a “Harvard lawyer in the Magic City”, has started a law blog, which shares his thoughts on a number of topics associated with law, litigation, political theory, and starting a law firm. New blog, great concept and content thus far. I recommend checking it out.


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20 responses to “Blogside: Miamism Generating Buzz and a Harvard Lawyer in Miami

  1. Xavier – Thanks so much for the plug and the nice words of encouragement.

    I think you would agree that the whole purpose of our sites is to give our readers good quality content – your site ROCKS!


  2. My pleasure and thanks for the comp Ines!

  3. Likewise from here – I am a big fan of this website!

  4. Thanks Jared! I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more about Beck and Lee Law.

  5. I get a crazy error message when I click on the link to Miamism above:


    Our antispam system has detected either a banned website or banned keyword in the page you just came from. This is a preventative measure that is meant to keep spammers from posting comments, trackbacks or linking to this site.

    You may have come from a legitimate site that happens to have a banned word in its permalink. That does not necessarily mean that the site you came from is banned but that it happens to have a forbidden word like porn, viagra or other such word in its title.

    If you have seen this page by mistake, copy the URL in your browser and open a new copy of your favorite browser (we prefer Firefox) and paste it in. You should get past this message.”

  6. I got the same message but then it stopped. Thanks for the info Alesh! I really appreciate it.

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