New Multi-Level Retail Center Planned for Uptown

A 120,000 square foot multi-level retail complex planned for 32nd street and Biscayne Blvd is now leasing. The project, which is unnamed in the display sign, is located directly south of the proposed 3333 Biscayne office/condo development. With the advent of so many high density residential units and the absence of new retail on Biscayne Blvd. (except the rapidly filling spaces at Cite), Uptown has become an area ripe for retail activity. Seth Gadinsky is the broker assigned to the project. The project is within walking distance from Midtown Miami and the Design District.



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4 responses to “New Multi-Level Retail Center Planned for Uptown

  1. James Wilkins

    Any idea what the timeline for the construction of this project is? I realize that building a new city takes time, but it worries me that all the new elements will not fall in place in a timely manner to support one another, to exploit each other and cause the particular synergy required to make each other work to maximum success.

  2. I’m going to contact the broker and see what I can squeeze out. The problem you seem to be foreseeing is that the new retail will come online way after the new residential–leaving an economic gap. Incoming occupants need retail options. The status quo doesn’t afford them many. This is why many are anticipating a retail surge. This project is a positive indicator.

  3. James Wilkins

    Exactly X. I always have the other side of the coin in my mind also. Economic gap, is the literal crisis being created, I am always interested in the crisis of perception. If those who move into Midtown and Edgewater have to wait 2 or 5 years for the area to shine there is a very negative result of that. Word of mouth about the unfulfilled promises of a good life in Midtown, unhappy residents etc. How long do the people in Parc Lofts have to live there, isolated, before the promise of Bayview Market comes real. I think a lot of hope and positive energy dies in the waiting.

    Of course as we know…it’s coming. Alex has the right attitude, but I think it’s good to take a realistic inventory of this other side of the coin.

  4. Midtown is different in that an entire component of the project is destination-retail. For residents there, options are just around the corner. Edgewater is spread farther out and is bisected by like 25 streets. It appears that Biscayne Blvd. will serve as the main retail artery for Edgewater, although now its largely devoid of such activity. The intermittent retail spaces at the ground level of large scale multi-families aren’t going to suffice in filling the gap, which you so rightly perceive.

    In reality, many retailers don’t find retail spaces in mixed use projects to be desirable. We need to see more destination-retail projects scaled like Bayview Market. That’s why this latest destination retail-development is so positive. It will take time, but the retailers are doing their neighborhood research and signing the deals.

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