Reader Submitted View: One Miami

As you can see, the 50 Biscayne crown is not illuminated in the image above.

In this image, it is:

Most of what you see in terms of structures in the images above is attributed to the construction boom.

– Thanks to Alex for sending BoB the view from his sky pad.


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10 responses to “Reader Submitted View: One Miami

  1. James Wilkins

    It’s coming! We are getting there and the growing pains in the process are indeed painful, but I have huge confidence in the Miami of 2010. It just takes time. Thanks Alex, for the shots!!

  2. James Wilkins

    Is there a line of light down the side on Marina Blue, or are those just construction lights??

  3. A lot of us are motivated. It’s a shame when the media casts a shadow over a turning point in urbanism that Miamians once thought might never come.

    The lights appear to be exposed stairwell lights, but it’s hard to tell from the vantage point. I can’t wait to see all of the building crowns illuminated. Our skyline is going to be sick!

  4. Luis

    That view is eyepopping! Thanks for snapping and sharing Alex!

  5. These pictures do not even justify the magnitude of this view. I see changes on a daily basis, so I can’t even begin to imagine what this view would look like in 2010! The lights on Marina Blue seem to be construction related (maybe a stairwell). I don’t think the final product will have those lights, but they may add lighting at the top of the building as they did on 50 Biscayne. It’s interesting to see how these condos materialize into sky scraping physical structures. Some of them are almost identical to their small scale models and 3D renderings. I’ll try to send periodic picture updates. 🙂

  6. Jake

    We lived on Miami Beach from 2000-2004 in a home. Due to a work transfer, we’re in PA but miss our days in Miami so we bought a corner unit @ 50 Biscayne on the 43rd floor (2/2) w/ Bay views and westward views. We’re excited to have a place to go to in Miami but nervous that if we ever need to sell, we won’t be able to given the supply without incurring a huge loss. Also, we may need to rent it out but given the supply of new condos, will we be able to find renters?

  7. Jake, that’s something be really excited about!

    Market conditions aren’t conducive to selling at this time. On the other hand, since the market is down, banks are tightening the screws on lending. This means people are renting instead of buying. This is not to say that it will be easy to find a tenant for a 2/2 in such a high-profile building, but it works in favor of owners. However, the glut and excessive amount of investor owners may create an over supply of units in the renter’s market and leave owners in a competitive bind. At this point it’s hard to tell which scenario will predominate.

    Look at the condo docs and see what the guidelines are for leasing your unit. You want to be fully aware of the restrictions imposed by the association. If transient occupancy is permitted, then you may be able to register with a rental program that will cater to tourists and/or temporary visitors–in case finding a long term tenant becomes difficult.

  8. Jake

    Xavier- thanks for the reply and I agree with your comments. I’m hoping that 50 Biscayne, given its prime location and premier builder, will have a leg up over some of the other buildings in the area as far as rentals go. Unfortunately, my condo docs limit rentals to a minimum of 6 months.

    Can someone provide me with advice on the best way to go about renting?

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