Macy’s Employees Fed up with Downtown?

In March I had put forth a prediction that Macy’s would not only remain in Downtown but get a much needed revamp within two years. Yesterday, in response to my statements, an employee at the Macy’s Downtown decided to speak out. Here’s what she said:

I completely disagree…as an employee of Macy’s headquarters office downtown, every single one of my coworkers is sick and tired of the condition of downtown Miami. The building is full of rats, we all feel unsafe going to our cars (that are already incredibly expensive to park). I’ve personally had to call police because I was followed to my car and I know of several other similar incidents, one in which an employee was beaten on the platform of the metro.

Internally, we’ve been complaining for a long time now. Senior management has promised to do the best it can, but that takes some serious cooperation from the city. It is absolutely unacceptable that just across the river on Brickell there is an urban boom and where our office sits, it looks like a deserted wasteland. Business keep closing, one after another and the only consistent traffic seems to be the homeless that pass by all day long.

Macy’s has every right to complain…for that matter, I’d be extremely disappointed if they chose to step back on their position over some measly tax break.

The company still holds an operation center in Doral and a lease on a property in Plantation…there is no reason why we couldn’t move there.

You can view my response to her in the article comments.



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6 responses to “Macy’s Employees Fed up with Downtown?

  1. I’ll trade! I would love to work in downtown! There are rats in Doral too.

    My neighbor has worked for Macy’s since it was Burdines, I wonder what she has to say about the building… We live only a few blocks away but she drives to work in case she gets out late to not walk at night. Safety-wise I would have to agree. But definitely abandoning the location is not the best solution.

  2. A move out of Dtown would be a crippling blow to the CBD. The truth is the building needs to get re certified. They need to move everyone out, do the necessary structural, mechanical, and electrical work, and then move everyone back into a newly renovated building.

  3. Michael

    I really cant see Macy’s moving from downtown considering the construction in the surronding area. In the long term the site is ideal, and putting the time and effort in now to revitalize the store is instrumental to connecting the towers on the bay to government center and courthouse areas. Employees that dont like it can leave, as im sure there is somebody out there who needs a job and is willing to work downtown. I work at the courthouse and yes the area is downtrodened now, but how could anyone in their right mind abandon the intersection of Flager and Miami Ave?

  4. rj

    If Burdines (Macy;s) want to move to Broward, then move, out of here!!! That’s probably the intention when they took over Burdines. With all the money Federated is making, why not remodel to its original glory the first signature store in the State Florida? Go ahead and move but do not treat anymore….

  5. Walk into the downtown store and do a count of patrons. Now go to any other Macy’s and do the same. I am always surprised that they haven’t shut down the downtown store based solely on this exercise.

    Maybe – MAYBE – when all those condos in downtown are finished, Macy’s will get adequate traffic. But that won’t happen if people are afraid to walk through a couple of blocks of blight and panhandlers to get to a store that is falling apart and infested.

    The city needs to step up and work on the neighborhood. Only then does it become sensible for Federated to put money into that location.

  6. CL,
    The reason they lack customers is because the merchandise at the Dtown Macy’s is sub par. Frankly, if they didn’t shut it down before, they’re not going to when hundreds of millions in new construction are being spent in the periphery. It makes no sense. Getting the building re-certified is a matter of law. FDS is going to have to make a decision soon. Do they foot the re-certification bill or pull out. I suspect the former will happen. The City is moving forward with infrastructure improvements. Security is an issue, but think about the ramifications of pulling the largest retailer out of Dtown.

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