Sir Norman Foster In Siberia?!?!

So the famed starchitect is designing a monolithic eco-friendly tower in the frost-ridden and desolate Russian territory of Siberia. It looks like something out of a Sci-Fi flick. I like.

Miami is in a slump and Siberia gets Foster. I feel sick.



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8 responses to “Sir Norman Foster In Siberia?!?!

  1. James Wilkins

    Well when the powers that be, city officials, even the populace at times regard particular architectural designs as “too world class’ no wonder the geniuses move on to greener pastures where their work is appreciated.

  2. Having looked at what he has done, it’s really amazing that he would design projects in such marginal places. I mean Khanty Masyisk, Siberia? That’s exotic even for Muscovites. He’s changing an entire landscape with one idea. His actions will help to connect Siberia with the imagination of Russia and the world.

  3. FrenchyMiami

    Pretty smart move …not my cup of tea but i guess it s imaginative to fill up Siberia with a masterpiece

    • Hey Ari, I hope you and your family are enynjiog the holidays.Oh, to be in Miami where the elderly can wear colorful clothing and fit right in!L\’heetra\’ote chaver- David

  4. Verticus

    No matter what you do with Siberia, it will still be one freaking, cold, desolate place. I see the building has a “viewing platform.” Of what? Frozen tundra? People huddling around fires to keep from freezing to death? What a waste of talent and design. Regarding James “too world class” comment, you can bet this would never get built on Miami Beach. The City has a group of experts they turn to for what is acceptable and they have turned down far, far tamer designs.

  5. That development would barely fit on Miami Beach. The Nimbys would revolt if that were to be approved. Could you imagine?
    I wonder who’s funding this development. What function would such a monumental development serve such an obscure place? Nevertheless, my point in bringing this up was to highlight the fact that Norman Foster has not done anything here and its a shame.

  6. juan ortega

    Sir Norman Foster…ah…my favorite architect.

    I wonder who’s going to have the vision to commission his work for a project down here in Miami.

  7. That’s an inventive answer to an intenestirg question

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