On Blogging: Outside.in and the National Blogosphere

Outside.in is a website where one can select a city and learn about it through local expert bloggers. It’s really neat to read what bloggers are talking about all over the country and compare blogging scenes. The emphasis is on place-blogging: a blog dedicated to highlighting spaces and places. This brings to light a distinction between conceptual-blogging and place-blogging.

Each blog has a blog-map that pinpoints places in the city that the blog has discussed. It also displays what other bloggers have been saying about the same place if indeed that is the case. You can see top tags per city as well as the most viewed and most recent posts. The site is worth checking out if just to peruse the blogospheres of other cities and compare them to our own. You can add your favorite blogs to the list. Miami is under represented.

Although Outside.in is relatively unknown but as they continue enhancing their features my guess is that we’ll be hearing a lot more about them in the coming year.

Outside.in Boom or Bust Blog-Map:



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3 responses to “On Blogging: Outside.in and the National Blogosphere

  1. I’m impressed. Even without having to get ready, I still have a hard time making out into the blogosphere. How do you do it?

  2. Maggie, I just go with the flow and find excitement in tracking urbanism in my hometown. I find motivation in knowing that what has and is taking place is historic and more than worth documenting. It’s challenging and time consuming, but I can’t help but think of all the aspects that I haven’t adequately covered yet.

  3. Simone: tusind tak skal du have! synes ogsaa at den har en riigtg smuk farve gul :-)Julia: Tak skal du have! og jo den er jeg med paa, skriver lige til dig paa din blog 🙂 xxHelene

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