Cool Overlay of Museum Park Plans (Updated)

Critical Miami has a really fresh on-the-money overlay of the Museum Park rendering over an aerial image of Bicentennial Park. In order to see the overlay effect you have to hover over the image with the cursor. Alesh suggests a couple of ideas for improving the plans and addresses the use of Parcel B, which by the way, I hate the soccer field and hope it never happens.

It’s worthy to note that Arquitectonica incorporated a plan for that parcel in their Downtown Master Plan:

And as part of the Baywalk plans there are a few proposals for the use of Parcel B as well:

  • Restaurants such as outdoor bar and grill (too limited)
  • An outdoor market, farmer’s market, or collector’s market (not a bad idea, but redundant; considering Bayside Marketplace is nearby)
  • Bait and tackle shop for nearby marinas (terrible!)
  • Dancing Ballroom and Square (Eh…I’m not sold)
  • An open area for T.V. events (like a visiting Today Show)
  • Science Museum Wildlife facility (they already have Bicentennial)
  • Recreational activities pavilion (rent kayaks, skates, paddle boats). This would work if -Biscayne Bay were a quiet lake
  • Aquarium (this idea has been circulating for some time but is not in PPS report)

Update on Parcel B: Eye on Miami reports on another alternative for Parcel B. [Full story]

Unrelated but worthy read : Miami Beach or Nimbyville? [MVB]



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5 responses to “Cool Overlay of Museum Park Plans (Updated)

  1. James Wilkins

    The building in that rendering is so boring and on such a significant parcel. It’s unbelievable.

  2. It is. I can’t understand why they conceived it this way. I like the idea of adding a great-aquarium. It would be a natural offshoot of the Science Center, show off our diverse marine eco-system, boost civic pride, lure people to the proposed Baywalk, and serve as a tourist attraction. It would have to be an architectural wonder. I’m sure any of the prominent architects would love to get commissioned. The problem of course would be exposure to storm surge and hurricane force winds.

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