The Powers Behind the Jewelry District

Image: Blue, white, and canary yellow diamonds, rose and white gold, and platinum bracelets; all found in the Jewelry District. Just in case Fat Joe is in town and in a spending mood. From Elias Akar’s collection (Seybold Building)

The name “Haimov” (pronounced: Hi – Moff) brings to mind notions of an underground industry, movement, and capitalistic culture steeped in secrecy and familial bonds. One of diamonds, gold, and pearls, and run by international, broken-English speaking, multiple-luxury-car-owning, young and wealthy businessmen.

Haimov is one of two brothers that are Russian speaking Jewish jewelers. He’s in his early-thirties, looks younger, and is as shrewd and sharp a businessman as one can find. Haimov, it is said, was not handed anything but hustled his way to the top of the diamond and gold game. Yes, there is such a game in Miami and the money runs deep, and the wallets that hold the wealth are few. Haimov’s is one of the heaviest. The Herald has taken notice of him.

Image: Breitling with platinum diamond bezel and 5-row diamond tennis straps; found in Orogemma in the Seybold Building. I’m thinking Lil Wayne might dig this light show.

His inconspicuous store is situated more or less across the Seybold building. The unassuming almost somber building has two display windows showing off a constantly changing array of the most extravagant diamond and precious-stone jewelry fathomable. When entering his store, you must be buzzed in to the first chamber, identified by the camera, and buzzed into the second chamber, the third houses his treasure. It’s like arriving at a pirate’s treasure stash: his employees are sitting at tables busily sorting and weighing gold chains into small piles, multiple jeweler-clients carefully selecting gold pieces, and Haimov tirelessly closing one deal after another.

Image: 4 row blue diamond platinum tennis bracelet. Rick Ross might wanna rock this. Accar Unltd (Metromall)

Haimov is not just one of the powers behind the Jewelry District he is a force in the region. Most Cuban Link chains that you will ever see locally have his “H” stamp on it (Cuban Links are among the most popular gold chains for men). He specializes in the kind of jewels you see Hip Hop stars rocking in their music videos. For jewelers there are certain items that one must get from Haimov. His brother, Mark (VIP Jewelry), who he still does business with, but no longer under his wing, is also extremely successful. These guys are rash, fast talking, young and audacious hustlers turned mini-moguls. The antiquated heart of our Central Business District is where they maneuver and plot and base their far reaching influence from. Does the Herald article mean Haimov has finally emerged from the underground? Is he becoming Miami’s Jacob? Time will tell. There are many powers behind the Jewelry District. Haimov is not alone.



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10 responses to “The Powers Behind the Jewelry District

  1. Niurka Canetti

    Will like to know more information on Orogemma, Seybold Building, Miami, FL. I am interested in store’s background.

  2. The store is located in the basement of the Seybold. It’s owned by Elias Akar. He sells wholesale locally, throughout the Caribbean, and in Central and South America. Orogemma specializes in fine diamond and gold jewelry with a great selection of South Sea pearl strands and studs–possibly the best in the Jewelry District. You can reach the store at 305-374-9504. Ask to speak with Elias.

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  3. Lera

    Who sells the best calibrated loose semi precious stones?

  4. Lera

    Is there any maufacturing in the jewellry district. I am currently manufacturing in Italy. But, prices are getting so high I want to move some production to Miami. Any ideas?

  5. As far as calibrated loose semi-precious, in the Seybold building there are two vendors worthy of note that I can think of:
    Royal Gems
    Ruben’s Stone House

    What kind of jewelry do you manufacture? Depending on the type of jewelry designed and materials used, I can provide recommendations.

  6. joe mais

    I want to get a piece casted in gold , do no where to go?

  7. suzanne

    I have a diamond I would like to have appraised. I am going to Miami the 25th August. Any ideas who could do this for me??

  8. realjewelers

    i dont know why this article speaks so highly about money launders, its true, he did “hustle” his way to the top, but such people should not be so respected, its the idealists and the people who make it with out hurting others that should and the jewlers who truly work hard for there name is who they should be writing about!

  9. ASMA jewels , a tradition of mesmerising perfection and art of excellence . We make trust not just jewellery ! Because jewellery is again something personal and has great emotional value in one’s life. Be it a wedding jewellery, gift purpose jewellery, designer jewellery, traditional jewellery or regular jewellery line, we manufacture it all with trust and quality assurance with 100 % customer satisfaction. We care and nurture the relations invested by you in jewellery, delivering on time the best you can imagine.

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