18′ Foot Ceilings, a Baby Giraffe, and 3 Hummers

The Filling Station Lofts, developed by Intrepid, has one of the most forward thinking marketing campaigns I’ve seen lately. The image above illustrates the ampleness of 18′ ft. ceilings and cleverly employs a silhouette of a 15′ ft. tall baby giraffe to show the excess space above.

According to the developer, three Hummers stacked on top of one another could fit in a Filling Station Loft. This is a neat way of showing the unit height dimensions. The Filling Station Lofts is being marketed extremely well, but the building’s design alone is impressive. Check out the project website.

The project is located in the heart of the M&E District on N.E. 17th Street across the street from the newly built Parc Lofts, and a short walk away from the proposed Bayview Market. The neighborhood remains unstable but has a great deal of potential.



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4 responses to “18′ Foot Ceilings, a Baby Giraffe, and 3 Hummers

  1. I sure could use a place like that. I have stuff stacked right up to my ceilings!

  2. Juan Ortega

    you gotta love Henry Harper and his forward thinking projects.

  3. If you think about it, he has to be sharp in his marketing, because the site locations are on the fringes of the established urban core. There has to be some measure of compensation. Still, I like the concept.

  4. The only proper use of a Hummer, as far as I’m concerned. As far as “unstable” is concerned, it’s Miami, for Chrissakes. If it isn’t prone to the occasional sinkhole opening up underneath, then it’s as vulnerable to the volatility of the SoFla real estate market as anywhere else. The fun part is playing the “guess what will be the new up and coming Miami neighborhood” game. As long as one doesn’t place a losing bet, of course.

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