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Where Overtown Meets Parkwest

Image: A scenic N.W. 1st Avenue with the Miami Arena to the right

Visionary Mode

It never fails. Every time I am in the vicinity of N.W. 1st Avenue and the old Miami Arena, visionary mode kicks in. Visionary mode, by the way, is when an area’s potential is blindingly bright, despite its existing blighted state. This little section of the CBD is located, more or less, where Overtown meets Parkwest.

Here are 10 11 reasons why I like it:

  1. The metro rail runs through it and there is a station servicing the area
  2. The FEC corridor, which is a likely future public transit route runs through the heart of the neighborhood to further supplement the hood’s transit potential
  3. N.W. 1st Avenue, which runs through the center of the neighborhood, is palm tree lined, and has a spacious median, making the Avenue pedestrian, auto, and eye friendly.
  4. Glenn Straub owns the Miami Arena and the site represents a potential development catalyst for the area, depending on what the Wellington-based millionaire finally does with the property. At first he considered re-utilizing it, then selling it, now razing it to the ground in place of a new development. He didn’t spend 28 some odd million dollars for nothing. Look to see some action soon.
  5. Logik, a proposed office development, is planned for the neighborhood
  6. Miami-Dade Transit recently relocated its offices to a new state-of-the-art building in the neighborhood
  7. It’s a short walk away from the heart of the CBD, Biscayne Bay, and burgeoning Media and Entertainment District
  8. Parkwest flanks the east side of the neighborhoods with hundreds of millions worth in new development
  9. Miami 21 zones it T6, which means it will be ripe and ready for further densification
  10. The area is heavily under utilized, under valued, and filled with vacant land (this means it’s a blank canvas for new development).
  11. The FDOT’s future plans to reposition the I-395 would add park space to the northern boundary of the area


There are currently two large scale residential developments: the Madison and Park Place. The former being a condo and the latter being an apartment complex. The periphery of the area is riddled with low income housing. The average Joe probably wouldn’t feel comfortable riding a bike or walking through this neighborhood due to the presence of vagrants and murky elements. Still, the area, despite its lackluster on-the-surface appearance has much going for it and will likely see a transformation within the next couple of years. Sorry gentrification activists.

Neighborhood Map

Image: Map of the area. The blue line represents the existing Metrorail line, the red line represents the FEC rail line (probable future public transit line), The red plot is the site for the proposed Logik, the green plot represents the new site for Miami-Dade transit, and the Orange represents the Miami Arena.


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Mario the Baker Cornering Dtown

Image: CBD location – 43 N.W. Flagler Street

I like their food, and I like the fact that within the last two and half years they’ve expanded into the urban core while many other business owners have been reluctant to due to ongoing construction, etc. While others hesitate, Mario the Baker is cornering Miami’s urban pizza market. Their recent expansion to Uptown is a testament of their success in the CBD. Now, all they’re missing is Brickell.

I care because I love their friggin’ pizza!

Image: New Uptown location – 2590 Biscayne Blvd

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2007 Third Quarter Construction Tour: Central Business District

Let’s continue with the 3rd quarter construction tour. This installment shows the progress of new construction, newly built projects, and some noteworthy renovations in the Central Business District.

The Loft Downtown IRelated Group (recently completed)

The Loft Downtown IIRelated Group (topped off)

Marina BlueHyperion (topped off)




50 BiscayneRelated Group (topped off)


Met 1MDM Development (topped off)

One MiamiRelated Group (recently built)

Ivy and Mint – Key International (Construction)

WindNeo/Epoch (topped off)

Image: Mint (foreground), Ivy (background left), Wind (right)

Epic ResidencesUgo Colombo-Lionstone-Ponte Gadea (Construction)

Ten Museum Park – Michael Capponi – Greg Covin (newly built)

900 BiscayneTerra Group – (topped off)

MarquisLeviev Boymelgreen (construction)

Image: Marquis to the right of Ten Museum Park

Everglades on the BayCabi Developers (construction)

U.S. Courthouse – Arquitectonica (completed)

Miami Date Transit Agency Building (recently built)

Flagler First at First National Bank (Renovation)

Capital Lofts at the Security Building (renovation)

No Activity Yet:

  • Empire World Towers
  • Miami City Tower
  • Met 2
  • Met 3
  • Met Square
  • One Bayfront Plaza
  • Lynx (scrapped)
  • Loft III
  • Loft IV
  • Paramount Park
  • Marquis West
  • 600 Biscayne
  • Cima
  • Logik

Post Script: Do you think this report missed something? If so, Contact BoB. Your input is appreciated.



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Update on the Leviev Boymelgreen Split

Images: Diamond tycoon Lev Leviev (left) and real estate guru Shaya Boymelgreen (right)

The Miami development scene has been left in a speculative buzz since it was reported in April that Lev Leviev and Shaya Boymelgreen were definitely going their separate ways. The only LB project bearing fruit of any kind so far has been the Marquis, which has yet to top off. Soleil, Vitiri, Marquis West, and other plans have halted while the two moguls iron out their business differences. NYC-based blogs Curbed and Brownstoner have been observing the slow pace of Shaya’s Brooklyn projects and we, here in Miami, have been wondering the same thing about Vitiri. So what the heck is going on? It seems the split is getting a bit complicated. Read this to find out more.

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