My Problem With This

It looks like a colorful depiction of a girl briskly jumping to her death from a balcony. Maybe I’m just being negative, but I would not want that thing artwork on the side of my building.



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8 responses to “My Problem With This

  1. Xavier – you just cracked me up!! I like Brittos all over Miami – this one bugs me at night because You cannot appreciate all the color. I have to admit that now every time I see it I will think of your image.

  2. Verticus

    I hadn’t thought of that either. Thanks for the different perspective. Now I won’t see it any other way– other than something that is all wrong. Trust me, the next big hurricane will take care of it and some poor unsuspecting bastard in Little Haitie will wake up with a giant Britto in his bedroom.

  3. Guys, I was thinking about names for the piece:
    Suicidal Broad
    Off to the After Life
    Depression’s Culmination

    I’m trying to capture the essence of the art, but I’m not much of an art guy.

  4. James Wilkins

    I think it is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen. It is so artistically naive (I am being SOOOO kind) and in my opinion a terrible eyesore for Miami. Stripes and polks dots…echhhh. It’s atrocious.

  5. lol. I hope this isn’t a trend

  6. “Get me the F outta here!” is what she seems to be saying.

  7. That’s gooood. It sounds like the art inspired your creativity. “Get me the F outta here!” I almost feel like renaming the article that.

  8. Glad to see I am not alone! This Brito guy is extremely irritating….he is the Donald Trump of art!

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