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Arquitectonica in the Far East: Big Things Poppin’

Image: Zendai Forum, Shanghai

Miami-based Arquitectonica is known for having designed some of Miami’s most recognizable buildings. In the early 1980’s they designed, what were then, groundbreaking concepts for the Imperial, Atlantis, and the Palace on Brickell Avenue. Since then, they have gone on to design many more of Miami’s most notable buildings and established something of an architectural hegemony in the local market, but apparently, that was not enough. These local architectural old-schoolers have gone global, and in the Far East they’re doing it BIG.

Here’s the low down:

  • New Era Mall, Yangpu District, Shanghai
  • Pacific Plaza, Manila
  • Shanghai Finance Ministry

Image: Hi Donghai, Shanghai, PRC

  • King Glory Mall, Shenzhen
  • China World Trade Center

Image: Nanyuan Hotel/Retail complex, Ningeo, PRC

  • City Plaza II Office tower, Hong Kong
  • City Plaza Shopping Center, Hong Kong
  • Shanghai Information Town
  • Shanghai Regent

Image: King Glory Mall, Shenzhen, PRC

  • IMG Sports Academy, Bharata, India
  • Cyberport, Hong Kong
  • CyberLibrary, Hong Kong
  • Sky Sxcel Shopping Mall, Guangzhou
  • Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou

Image: Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou, PRC

  • Zendai Forum, Shanghai
  • Changning Government Center, Shanghai
  • Hong Kong Le Meridien

Image: New Era Mall, Yangpu District, Shanghai, PRC

  • Hi Donghai, Shanghai
  • Menara Karya, Jakarta
  • Nanyuan Hotel and Retail Complex, Ningeo, PRC


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My Problem With This

It looks like a colorful depiction of a girl briskly jumping to her death from a balcony. Maybe I’m just being negative, but I would not want that thing artwork on the side of my building.


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Your Crummy Building Has Ad Potential

Are vacancies keeping you down?

Have you tried everything?

Don’t fire the leasing manager just yet. You can join the billboard building bandwagon today:

Tenants don’t need the windows. Hurry up. Spaces are limited.

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