2007 Third Quarter Construction Tour: Brickell

Image: View of Brickell Village from north entrance to the Miami River

This week we’re going to take a tour through Brickell Village, the CBD, and Uptown to take a look at the third quarter status of recently topped off buildings, ongoing construction, and recently started foundation work:

Axis (construction)

Brickell Station Villas (construction)

Latitude II (topped off)

The Plaza (topped off)

Brickell on the River Phase II (topped off)

Infinity I (construction)

ICON Brickell (construction)










Mary Brickell Village (partially open)

1450 Brickell (foundation work)

Avenue (topped off)

Asia (topped off)

Brickell Financial Center (Foundation Work)

There are several projects that have yet to see activity on their sites:

No Activity and Scrapped

Recently Built:

  • Jade
  • Carbonell
  • The Club
  • Solaris
  • Emerald
  • Sail
  • Latitude I
  • Neo Vertika
  • Skyline
  • One Broadway
  • Vue
  • Brickell on the River

By the way, does any one know what this is?

Post Script: Do you think this report missed something? If so, Contact BoB.  Your input is appreciated.



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7 responses to “2007 Third Quarter Construction Tour: Brickell

  1. Why do you think it is 5+ buildings got scrapped and so many others are not showing any activity?

  2. Juan Ortega


    Presales are probably very slow or nonexistant for the scrapped/stalled projects. A developer can’t obtain construction financing without presales…

    • The Iphone 5 was not only in prototype but it was built in early priocutodn runs in Sept. Look closely at Appple’s Sept quarter income statement. You will see a significant and unexplained cost of goods sold increase. This increase was at time when component costs were dropping dramatically due to the economy and japan recovery. That increase is the Iphone 5 priocutodn write off due to the Samsung Lawsuit in the Hague. Apple/Steve decided not to risk having the new phone tied up in that process and are now using the 4s as a stalking horse to understand Samsung Patent positioning which they will design around before the Iphone 5 is launched. hopefully without the worries of Samsung patent BS hanging over them.

  3. Its hard to say which ones are scrapped until the developer puts out the plans and plot for sale. Naturally, they want to avert the financial and reputation damage so will explore all avenues prior to officially scrapping the project. In the meantime, the site sees little to no activity. For all we know, many more have actually been scrapped.

    • After an hour or so my back started to hurt from the crpapy chair I was sitting in so I decided to create my very own stand up desk to go in honor of my recent home office stand up desk.

  4. SO do you think that is an indicator that there is/was too much development?

    I read an article the other day that there might be as much as 85% investors/speculators buying the condos in the MIA market.

    • No chance. The slpupy chain can\’t react that quickly if they pulled the plug with three months to go. There is also the certification and testing that goes on. Never mind the software developers Apple likes to have at launch who would have needed more time to write for the new resolution. Last, but not least, Apple uses its ridiculous cash position to buy components like displays well in advance and actually fronts the money to manufacturers to build new lines. You can\’t change all that quickly. Apple was almost certainly making the phones at least two months or more before they shipped. That leaves even less time to revamp things. Just not possible from a logistics perspective. No one should be surprised about the screen not changing: Jobs was arrogant and vocal that Apple had carefully picked the right size. You may recall that when the iPhone was first released some thought it too wide because phones at that point were moving to be more narrow. Jobs ego would have resisted a change in size initially. I do think Apple\’s new management team will eventually go with a larger screen. Jobs was right about fragmentation and Apple has done a phenomenal job in reducing options for developers and third parties. Android\’s strength of diversity is also its Achilles heel since upgrades are hard and you never really know if every app will run on your device. Apple really has to think hard about what they want on the screen and even has the same issue with a rumored increase in resolution for the iPad3. Good story, but no chance.

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