Voice from the Streets

Jackie has a couple of things to say to you. These are his opinions, not mine:

For one, he feels harassed by the police. He was sitting on a milk carton the other day and was accused of having stolen it. He can’t stand in front of shops regardless of what the owners say because the cops say so.

Secondly, he would like you to help the homeless directly and not give money to Camillus House which he says does very little for people like him. As an example he told me that he slept there the other day and his shoes were stolen. Did they replace them? According to him, no.

Image: Jackie’s replacement shoes

He is sustained by people like me who give him a dollar here and there and the occasional sleeping bag. He’s given odd jobs by people like the flower guy in front of the Seybold Building and local shop owners. He sleeps in different places every night for safety’s sake and would appreciate some help from you if you see him on the streets.

Image: Jackie’s belongings

Image: Afternoon nap. Shoes hidden from potential thieves.



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8 responses to “Voice from the Streets

  1. randy

    I’ve had the pleasure to chat with jackie on a number of different occasions. I use to work in the jewelry district and i use to contribute “a dollar here and there” from time to time. Unfortunatly our goverment hasn’t devised a successful plan in aiding the homeless. Goverment should not be waisting tax dollars to have police harras the homeless, intead they should use those funds to implement better resources for the homeless.

  2. I agree 100%. Let’s start the “Give Jackie some dollars for shoes” fund. Heh. Well said Ran.

  3. Haleema

    There is a huge misconception about people who happen to be homeless. I had the honor of speaking to Jackie on various occasions. It is unfortunate that such a beautiful human being, who life has not treated fairly, deals with such harassment and discrimination on a daily basis. I applaud “BOB” for making this post!

  4. Jackie is quite the popular guy it seems. Thanks for the commendation.

    • Cute haircut! I have tons of hair too and the floor alyaws looks like a small animal collapsed on it when my stylist is done even if it’s just a trim. Love the WIPs, particularly the sweater, sexy crochet!misa recently posted..

    • Well let me see what might make me more deserving than others ……… let me start by saying you will find a good review of all the other books (except the prequel, I hate prequels) in this series on Amazon and Goodreads (since that is what you do if you get a good ARC), I enjoy this series because in the back of my mind I relate it to what Anita Blake could have been before it was turned into the “Anita Does EVERYBODY” series. I am the token straight, white male in your readers (hey, you take what you can get) and I have promoted your books in every forum I involve myself with once I discovered their existence a few months ago. Last but not least I am reading 2 ARCs now and providing comments so if your hereto-now exemplary writing skills have suddenly collapsed into chaotic porn I will sadly give feedback to that effect LOL. Seriously, ARC or no ARC I will be buying the next one, just get er done!

    • You’ve really impressed me with that answer!

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