Miami’s Leader in Urban Planning

I have praised the Zyscovich firm for their imaginative and functional designs here before, but I failed to mention that they are involved in a number of the most important urban master planning projects and studies in the region. If even half of what they are planning becomes a reality, Zyscovich’s role as Miami’s most important urban planning firm will be cemented for a long time to come.

Miami Master Plans:

79th Street Corridor Redevelopment Master Plan

Image (above): Rendering if the 79th street master plan


Downtown Miami Jewelry District Master Plan

Image: Jewelry District Master plan


Midtown Miami Master Plan

Image: Midtown Miami Plan


Omni Redevelopment Plan

Image: Zyscovich’s Vision of future density in the Omni/M&E


The Miami Beach Convention Center District Master Plan

Image: Envisioning 17th street


Urban Study for The Florida East Coast (FEC) Railroad Corridor

Image: FEC Corridor Study


Zyscovich’s Broward Planning Initiatives

Image: Rendering of Young Circle Master Plan, Hollywood, FL


Arquitectonica Chips in:

Although Zyscovich is at the forefront of Miami’s urban planning, Arquitectonica has their very own Downtown Miami Urban District Master Plan, which includes their vision for the use of the City-owned Parcel B–east of the American Airlines Arena


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5 responses to “Miami’s Leader in Urban Planning

  1. randy

    Which of these plans do you realistically foresee developed?

  2. Some of the changes in the Jewelry District are already happening.
    Argent has a 15 year plan for the Omni. Not to sure how close the resemblance will be to the Zyscovich plan, but it will involve similar density and thoroughfares.
    The FEC study is far reaching and will probably take years to pan out. Fortress Investments acquiring FEC might speed up progress though.
    Midtown is in full swing.
    The Arquitectonica plan for Parcel B is definitely questionable. I don’t think the city has the slightest clue as to what to do with the land and has to push forward the Baywalk parallel to it. I’m think a possibility by 2012.
    The Broward projects I’m not familiar with and the 79th street corridor plan I have to follow up on.

  3. Nicholas Czarniecki

    These projects are very interesting to see. I am currently starting a thesis design project in South Beach Miami but i am having trouble finding zoning maps or general AutoCad maps of the area. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks

  4. BoB

    Go to the Miami Map index page on this site for a comprehensive list of maps that includes zoning.

  5. maria

    in fact the winner desing for the your circle was from Glavovic studio not Zyscovich

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