Watch Your Step

That is a wide piss stain. I’m not in the habit of looking for and photographing such things, but I’ve been hopping over this sucker for years. That little nook at the Jewelry Center on N.E.1st Street and 1st Avenue is a favored bathroom among the homeless. They pee there every night and leave a putrid stench behind for the morning pedestrians. You’ve been warned.


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2 responses to “Watch Your Step

  1. Verticus

    Your work reminds me of a New York City artist in the late sixties and early seventies who made shooting shit found around the city his oeuvre. Yours is much more subtle, as all good art should be.

  2. I try to keep it real V. I was thinking about dropping a mustard covered hot dog in the center of the stain to add color to it, but figured it would jeopardize simplicity.

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