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It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts


Urbanites tend to have less space to work with than their suburban counterparts. Therefore maximizing the use of space with high quality and detailed furnishings is a high priority. For some good interior space ideas check out Developer’s Line in Downtown (131 S.E. 1st Street).

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Watch Your Step

That is a wide piss stain. I’m not in the habit of looking for and photographing such things, but I’ve been hopping over this sucker for years. That little nook at the Jewelry Center on N.E.1st Street and 1st Avenue is a favored bathroom among the homeless. They pee there every night and leave a putrid stench behind for the morning pedestrians. You’ve been warned.


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Under Utilization in the CBD (INTRO)

Image: Under utilized buildings near the BOA tower are highlighted.

The Purpose

Boom or Bust focuses much of its efforts on tracking the new construction that has consumed Miami. But, what about the older, neglected, and under-utilized properties in the Central Business District? No one seems to care about them unless they’re being demolished to accommodate a new tower or revamped in grand style, yet knowing the level and forms of under-utilization is vital in helping to understand the development challenges facing Downtown. This week’s aim is to demystify under-utilization in the urban core by answering these fundamental questions:

  • What constitutes an under utilized building?
  • What current uses are derelict buildings lending themselves to?
  • What are the use alternatives?
  • What is the effect of under-utilization in the CBD?
  • What role do these buildings play in shaping the social and economic environment of the CBD?
  • What is the current proportion between vacant land, new construction, and under utilized properties?
  • What are the under-utilized structure age patterns?
  • How many of them have restoration potential?

These are just some of the questions that are to be addressed this week as we delve into the nitty gritty of the matter. I have developed a color coded chronological development map to assist in the study.

Image: Portion of the Chronological Development Map. The color codes will be explained in the 2nd installment.

The chronological map, which will be explained later, will be used to illustrate when certain areas of the CBD were built out. In the end, the Central Business District’s historic nature, restoration potential, and level and effects of under utilization will be addressed and tied into surrounding new construction trends and Miami 21 zoning.

(To be Continued)

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