Friday News and Articles

“Now being marketed for sale at $34 million, the site of the scrapped Ice 1 condominium tower has received the permit for a 201-unit project on two acres in Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood.” Article requires paid subscription with the Daily Business Review.



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2 responses to “Friday News and Articles

  1. I think this pretty much sums up the state of affairs when it comes to the

    real estate market and home foreclosures. Home foreclosures are on the rise

    still, as those who were able to hold out are starting to feel the pressure

    of the slowing economy. With the recent debacle at the federal level

    concerning Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac… this is going to be an issue for a

    long time coming. Now the mortgage companies are in so deep that it will

    take a long time for these lending institutions to recover. Check out some

    other organizations that have felt the pain Organizations Not even

    the wealthy are immune to the gradual slowing of the economy. Take a look

    at some of the recent news about other people involved. Or the

    latest news! But we would

    never be in this mess if people weren’t overspending their means.

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