On Miami Blogging

Until now, I had never written about blogging here, but today I just had to.

I read Stuck on the Palmetto–Rick and Alex. It’s one of the great Miami blogs. Not to mention, award winning, and widely read.

I also read Critical Miami–Alesh. Also, a prominent and award-winning blog.

Yesterday, CM and SotP had a bit of a dispute.

In response to the racial tension caused by the whole ordeal, on SotP, I wrote a comment agreeing with Alex but jokingly took a shot at Rick. Alright, fine, I called Rick’s remarks “filthy” and “racist”. After leaving the comment, I had to go to a meeting. I get back to my computer hours later to see that Rick and Alex thought I was serious. Ooops.

I was joking guys. Why would I so strongly agree with Alex, who is defending Rick, and then take a serious stab at Rick?

Both SotP and CM have plugged Boom or Bust, and it has been a huge compliment, stat booster, and probably gained this blog many readers. I owe them for their referrals and got serious respect for what they do, daily.



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5 responses to “On Miami Blogging

  1. I think everyone needs to go to one of the parties from the guys form MiamiNights.com, take some happy m & m’s, and get into a blitzed out zen state. This is peter at SantiagoLabs.com, another rogue miami blogger signing out….later beyotches.

  2. I just had to clear the air. Rick and Alex, I think, recognized that I was joking later when I told them. Sometimes shit can get twisted–especially when one is sarcastic in racially charged arguments. A lot of people read what these guys write, so the stakes aren’t low, but chilling out is in order. No doubt.

  3. Kevin

    Pretty entertaining drama on that post

  4. Hey Xavier, it was definitely the environment. I thought it was odd and that’s why I answered, in retrospect a bit duh. Yep, chilling out is in order… it’s friday after all.

  5. It’s all good Alex. As long as you and Rick know that I was eating crap, I’m str8. Anyways, the blogosphere could always use some controversy. Cojelo suave.

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