Condo Assocation Politics: Recall Survival Tips

A recall is a vote to remove existing board members. There does not have to be a specific reason to initiate a recall. It can be done at anytime even right before elections. It’s often used as a weapon between competing factions to gain control of a condo association board. If you are on a board, and there is a recall, then don’t worry. We have some tips for you.


  • The opposition will bombard unit owners with negative propaganda in order to get them to vote you out. At first hint of a recall, a board must take action and send out a letter to all owners addressing the issues that the recall is derived from.
  • Do not rely on the management company for propaganda efforts. They are not a P.R. firm.
  • It is best to arrange a committee of concerned owners to help the effort. Opening up a blog in response to the accusations is a free and easy way to combat the recall. Be sure to mail out letters to all owners letting them know about the blog.

Inaction is Worse than Bad Action

  • Boards often assume that by speaking out against a recall, they are legitimizing it. In fact, it is the opposite, by remaining silent, the accusations thrown at you can be misconstrued as being true, regardless of whether or not they are falsifications.
  • A board can often fall victim to indecision and reluctance when responding to accusations. The fact is, a recall means war. In war, he who hesitates is lost.

Get Your Attorney Involved.

  • There are many legal requirements for a successful recall. Although it depends on the declaration of condominium, a recall will usually require a majority vote of owners to be effective. This means that deeds that are under corporate names, and units owned by multiple non-family individuals, require voting certificates. The attorney will disregard the invalid votes.

Show Face

  • Call a meeting of the board of directors and face the opposition in front of the community. After all, if you are right and the opposition is wrong, then there should be nothing to hide. Do it as soon as you catch wind of recall ballots going around. Just be sure you have extra security at the meeting.

Recalls are a Serious Business
Just because you’re on the board doesn’t mean your position is secure. Once you start feeling all high and mighty, your defenses drop, and the rug can be pulled out from under you. If you follow these basic Recall Survival Tips, you should be okay. That is unless you are fraudulent scum worthy of being booted out.



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6 responses to “Condo Assocation Politics: Recall Survival Tips

  1. Luis

    Good tips. another tip is to have an insider attend the opposition meetings. A mole. That way you know what they’re planning behind your back.

  2. One thing i have noticed that snail mail is not used for these communications, usually hand delvered propoganda. There are many condos that are rented, all communications should be sent to the units owner. Renters dont care, and you may loose a foot hold. When all else fails… Create a logo for your factoin, and make red arm bands so that your faction can take over the neighborhood and then the world.. 🙂 Hail.

  3. lol. I’m trying to provide savvy advice but you know the demographics of some of these communities. They hear “blog” and they think its the name of a pet.

  4. Jenny

    What is the procedure for a BOD recall?

  5. Great post and thanks for sharing.

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