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  1. Brad

    Surprised you didn’t include the article today from the Herald (Business) regarding Puig Development bankruptcy. Talk about an out of control condo converter…

  2. It has been included on the list as per your observation Brad. Slipped my eye. There are plenty of these scummy guys out there and as there article states, this is probably the beginning. Here’s what I found interesting in the article:

    “The Urban Land Institute and Miami law firm Bilzin Sumberg each recently hosted panel discussions on what to do when a project goes wrong. And the Coral Gables law firm Kozyak Tropin even hosted a ”Distressed Property” happy hour last week, not unlike the pink slip parties in Silicon Valley after the tech bust.”

    That tells you about the state of affairs in Miami’s housing market.

    • Dosnt that shore up his telling of what hpaepned? of course the hater’s are saying he coild have done somthing else than pull out a gun and shoot.I got new’s for them,let some one grab or lay a hand on me.let’s just say there not gonna draw blood from me Zimmerman shouldnt even be going threw this crap.If it haddnt been for Al,Jesse,Obamma and no telling who else,would have stayed out of it he wouldnt be going threw this.

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