Scrapped: 1390 Brickell Bay

I remember walking into the sales center of 1390 Brickell Bay and thinking that the model kitchen looked like it belonged in a space station during the 1970’s (do space stations even have kitchens?). The sales rep barely spoke English, and the unimpressively laid out units were being sold as time shares. I was in and out in 5 wasteful minutes.

1390 Brickell Bay fizzled because it was a bad idea. The site is boxed in. The design and lifestyle concept wasn’t fresh enough to compensate. Timeshares don’t sell well here. The interior design element seemed to target cosmonauts, and the developer had zero experience. This project fizzled before the downturn. Why? Crap gets scrapped.


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11 responses to “Scrapped: 1390 Brickell Bay

  1. Juan Ortega

    I’m not surprised. We should start betting on which project will be scrapped next…haha

  2. So many have been scrapped already that I have “scrapped” postings for a couple of weeks. What’s next on the chopping block? The word on the street is Villa Magna–ironically situated across from 1390. No confirmation on this yet. Let’s hope its just a rumor.

  3. Juan Ortega

    I don’t know…should we start the betting line?

    Who’s in for Villa Magna?


  4. In Curbed, New Yorkers do the same thing except for crumbling buildings. Heh.

  5. Brad

    What about the Brickell Bunker or whatever that thing is called…is that actually going up?

  6. It switched names once. The developers are being innovative. I’ll contact them.

  7. Paul

    I’m betting on Columbus Center (also not far from the site) either being scrapped completely or being sold within the next 3 or 4 months…

  8. Columbus Center is Cervera’s effort at getting into development. The Commission is making them go back and forth from the chambers to the drawing boards. This is costing them more and more money and they aren’t even near breaking ground. I’m with Paul on that one. The project’s on the ropes as it is.

  9. Kevin

    This property would make for a great urban park, it’s a perfect location for a great, small urban park!!

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