Outside of the Box: The Vertical Farm Project

In order to reduce dependence on outside agriculture sources, as well as pollution caused by trucking agricultural goods across the country, Professor Dickson Despommier, Columbia University, has come up with the vertical farm. From BBC News:

“The idea is simple enough. Imagine a 30-story building with glass walls, topped off with a huge solar panel. On each floor there would be giant planting beds, indoor fields in effect. There would be a sophisticated irrigation system. And so crops of all kinds and small livestock could all be grown in a controlled environment in the most urban of settings.”

Some of the advantages:

  • Year round crop production in a controlled environment
  • All produce would be organic as there would be no exposure to wild parasites and bugs
  • Elimination of environmentally damaging agricultural runoff
  • Food being produced locally to where it is consumed

Sounds pretty friggin great except who’s going to pay for such a project? Putting aside how much it would take to build, the proposed plans allow for an admirable level of self-sustainability:

“Energy would come from a giant solar panel but there would also be incinerators which use the farm’s waste products for fuel. All of the water in the entire complex would be recycled.”

I love the idea. If this is proven to be an effective method for harvesting quality crops, skylines will house farmlands. It just may take half a century.



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2 responses to “Outside of the Box: The Vertical Farm Project

  1. Verticus

    This is a great idea. May I suggest architects consider giving up a few floors of their condo projects to vertical farming. Condo dwellers could get their hands dirty or use “hired hands” to raise their crops and feed their chickens. Any excess could be sold and/or used to feed the homeless down on the streets below. The chicken shit could be used for fertilizer. Self-sustaining urban living. I’m serious about this.

  2. Dude…that is the solution to DT’s homeless plight. The problem is some people will turn their condo farms into hydroponics labs and that’ll trickle down to the homeless. But in all due seriousness, the vertical farm concept is pretty damn cool.

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