Boom or Bust in Miami Today

Recently I engaged in a brief interchange with Miami Today’s Risa Polansky (via – Nikki Konefsky) regarding the market viability of transit-oriented mixed use developments. The subject of the discussion was a new project going up on 27th Avenue and US-1 that is being developed by Carlos Rua. The pros of a transit-oriented development were discussed as well as the inherent challenges that often accompany mixed-use developments. The article is featured on this week’s Miami Today the Residential Real Estate edition.

Post Script: I’m quoted as Xavier Zayas-Bazan in the article.

Image: Partial article clip


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4 responses to “Boom or Bust in Miami Today

  1. Very well said and in-depth!

  2. FechyMiami

    can we get the article


  3. Not online…but it’s in last weeks Residential Real Estate section. The article is part of the “what the pros are saying” series and is titled “Pros: Transit Oriented Projects require more infrastructure”
    This week’s edition is “Financial Trends”

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