Sex Romp in a Crane Cab

Yea. It happened, but not here. That’s more ballsy than an airplane bathroom. I wonder if the crane swayed.



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11 responses to “Sex Romp in a Crane Cab

  1. Juan Ortega

    Ah…you gotta love South Florida.

  2. Now that’s what I call good building code!

  3. It’s another one for the “only in Florida” file. I could just see Tim Dorsey putting that in his next novel… during a hurricane.

  4. “Taking pictures of the skyline?” Is that what they’re calling it these days? 🙂

    Makes that time on the seawall in Palm Beach seem kinda tame…

  5. This guy has to go down as having “taken pictures” in one of the most bizarre places. Maybe he likes buildings a bit too much.

  6. Verticus

    Whatever happened to “watching the submarine races”? These crazy kids!

  7. Wow… that is just to much. haha. To the author of the site, you should put some kind of send to a friend link.

  8. Careful Gianni, someone might read the idea and run with it. Stranger things have happened.

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