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Brickell Ave North of the River? No Way!!

I’m really bothered by the fact that MDM wanted to extend Brickell Avenue north of the Miami River. I say “wanted” because Gov. Charlie Crist has outright denied their request. It’s clear that the Brickell name is highly marketable, but the reason is that, over a long period of time, Brickell Village has established itself as Miami’s premier residential urban enclave, but with the advent of new high density residential in the CBD, Park West, M&E, and Edgewater neighborhoods, Brickell Village is no longer the lone candidate for such a distinction. This is not to say that any of the aforementioned neighborhoods have eclipsed Brickell in this effect, but it is to say that Miami’s urban core is maturing and the development/evolution of these communities needs to be embraced.

MDM should embrace the fact that their Met project will alter the CBD–and in fact counter Brickell’s influence–, not expect Brickell to be extended to the north in order to lend marketability to their project. As it is, the Miami River offers a natural, and obvious, barrier. In denying MDM’s outlandish request, Charlie Crist has earned points with BoB.


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A Closer Look: South Beach (West Ave. Corridor) INTRO

South Beach is divided into 11 historic districts by the Miami Design and Preservations League. This delineation of what neighborhood is what based on architecture is ideal. However, since not all areas have historic significance, the MDPL designations fall short of covering all areas. BoB intends to cover all areas of activity, nodes, neighborhoods, districts, whatever you may call them,based upon historic character, development activity, etc. My recent article on the Flamingo Park District led me to cover a neighboring community, but frankly, I don’t know what to call it. The neighborhood is bordered by Alton Rd (East), West Avenue (West), 5th street (South), and Dade Blvd. (North).

Since I couldn’t rely on MDPL’s map for guidance, I turned to the City of Miami Beach’s neighborhoods map, but there again, I couldn’t get a satisfactory answer. The area is referred to as “West Avenue”. The problem with that is that we’re talking about a neighborhood not an Avenue. Or are we? So in a last attempt to garner a neighborhood title, I reviewed the names of the various subject buildings in the area. Often times, a developer will name a building after the neighborhood, or his/her interpretation of what the neighborhood should be called. In doing so, I found no consistency. Here are some examples:

  • The Bentley Bay
  • The Floridian
  • South Bay Club
  • South Gate apts
  • Mirador
  • Mondrian
  • Mirador II
  • Bayview terrace
  • Bay Garden Manor
  • Waverly
  • Flamingo
  • Island View Park
  • Sunset Harbor
  • Sunset Harbor North

No help there. After some thought, I decided that it is prudent to use the City’s designation but add “corridor” to it. That was quite a bit of thought devoted to getting a title and the process is an indication of how this community is, in many respects, off the radar. With that said, I can now work on the 2nd installment of A Closer Look: South Beach (West Avenue Corridor -WAC), which will highlight a neighborhood that, despite certain development challenges, is poised to become South Beach’s next signature community.

Image: Mondrian coming soon to the WAC


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Miami Map Index

We’ve added a Miami Map Index Page to BoB. The purpose of the index is to list useful Miami maps. The index includes many map types, for example, some pinpoint art galleries, new construction developments, zoning boundaries, demographic patterns, master plans, historic districts, etc. The index will be constantly updated.

Keep an eye on it to watch the index grow:

I just thought of the idea so the list is in no particular order and short, for now. Keep an eye on it to watch the index grow:


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