A Closer Look: South Beach (Flamingo Park District South)

Map: The area outlined in red is the Flamingo Park District South, which is the focus of this piece.


This weekend I had a discussion with Josh Stein– a well known realtor specializing in high end South Beach lofts– and he mentioned that the area from 5th street to 11th in between Alton Road and Euclid Avenue was the frontier of South Beach. I thought “frontier of South Beach” sounds kind of paradoxical, but after giving the area a closer look, I’ve come to realize that Josh’s assessment is on the money.

Map: Flamingo Park District in its entirety is shown in Pink

The area in question is designated as the Flamingo Park Historic District by the Miami Design Preservation League. Josh mentioned the southern part of this district. I will, therefore, focus on the southern half of the Flamingo Park District from 5th street to 11th street (south to north) and from Alton to Pennsylvania Ave (west to east).

Images: Foliage in the District

First off, it goes without saying that the Flamingo Park District is surrounded by a hubbub of activity on almost every side. The raucous Washington Avenue runs along the east side of the District. The busy Alton Road runs along the west side. The bourgeoning SoFi area sizzles to the south. Interestingly, the area has no major residential or commercial development anchors, but that will soon change with the shops at 5th and Alton, which is currently planned but not yet seeing any construction activity. The anchor will hold down the area’s south west corner. Other developments that are sure to influence the district are Vitri, also to the south west, and the Mondrian to the north west.

Image: The Terrace Loft


The distinctly Floridian neighborhood is composed of a melange of sharply designed historic buildings creating a rich tapestry of pastel colors all set amid lush green tropical foliage. It is pedestrian friendly and shaded in most avenues. The Flamingo Park District is vestige of Miami Beach’s past and most genuine island lifestyle. The architecture gives one a sense of the city’s history. While South Beach is synonymous with noise, traffic, and partying, the Flamingo Park District affords its residents a tropical retreat.

Image: 1016 Meridian

The area maintains itself as a historic and relatively untapped, which would explain Josh Stein’s assessment, but there is quite a bit of activity changing the face of this funky and colorful enclave:

  • Casa 40 (1061 Michigan Avenue) is a newly renovated loft project with prices starting at 595k

Image: Villa Lucca under construction

  • Down the Road from Casa 40 is Villa Lucca, which is a combination restoration and new construction development on Michigan Avenue involving four properties (1045, 1037, 1025, 1027) and 15 residences. The new construction is called the Villa Lucca Condominium and will feature roof top terraces with jacuzzis.
  • The Terrace is a new loft project also on Michigan Avenue. It doesn’t appear to have a website but features high ceilings, covered parking, and rooftop terraces. Sales are being handled by Ingrid Lopez at Miami Elite Brokers.
  • The 762 Lenox Avenue historic building is for sale.

Image: Casa 40

  • 1041 8th Street is also for sale and being handled by Susan Gale/Majestic Properties.
  • 734 Michigan Avenue represents the most luxurious and singularly designed loft project in the District. Sales are being handled by Josh Stein and BoB will provide you with a look inside soon.
  • The building to the north of 734 Michigan (740, 742, 744) is boarded up and ripe for redevelopment.
  • Nine 45 Jefferson is another new loft project with 7 high end 2/2.5 town homes. The project is designed by Kobi Karp.

Image: 734 Michigan Ave

  • 960 Jefferson Avenue is for Sale
  • 928 Jefferson Avenue is newly renovated and units are for sale including 6 studios and 1 townhouse.
  • 751 Meridian is newly renovated and has condos up for sale starting at $189,900
  • 729 Meridian (Helen Rose) is newly renovated and offering state of the art designer finishes for its one bedroom units.
  • Also on Meridian Ave., Villa Veneto offers 8 “elegantly restored” 1 and 2 bedroom (2 story town homes) units starting at $179,700
  • Porto Condos on 9th and Meridian will be newly renovated and condos will start from the high $200’s. Sales are being handled by Ocean International Realty.
  • The Ambassador, also on Meridian, is being restored and will offer 1/1 and 2/2 units. It will feature Italian kitchens, stainless steel appliances, bamboo flooring, high impact windows and more. Sales are being handled by International Living Realty.

Image: A shady Meridian Avenue

  • 1017 Meridian is a brand new strikingly-designed loft project on Meridian Avenue. According to Zillow, a unit there was sold recently for $542k
  • The 1120 Meridian building (14 units) is for sale.
  • Greta Condominium is a newly restored condo on Euclid starting from the $180’s.
  • The historic 935 Euclid building was recently restored and has some units up for sale.
  • The Citadel Group still has one unit left in the Moulin Rouge project, although their site claims all have been sold. they should change the sign.
  • Blue Place is another recently restored development in the area. Prices start at the 300’s. More information can be found on Miamirealestate.com.

Image: 1051 Meridian (the historic Flamingo Plaza building)



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13 responses to “A Closer Look: South Beach (Flamingo Park District South)

  1. I’m really surprised at how affordable some of these places are now. My parents are looking for a second home down here. I’ll have to send them this link.

  2. Glad to shed light on this for you George

    • I agree in part with what you say in that there is one huge similarity beweten people who are sensitive or have celiac, we all feel sick if we eat gluten. However, I would point out that someone who has Coeliac does a lot more damage to their body if they eat gluten and thus having CD as opposed to an intolerance is different. CD is an autoimmune disease, like Diabetes is but intolerance or sensitivity is just that. My gut has been so badly damaged from years and years of eating gluten but not knowing what was making me ill that it is not repairing itself now even being gluten free for 2 years. Although, I too am happy that the stars and famous people are bringing the Gluten Free Diet to the forefront and making people take notice although I get annoyed when I go out to eat and request my meal to be GF and I get looked at as if I’m being picky as opposed to the fact that it can actually be detrimental to my health. If someone who has CD continually (or even mistakenly) eats gluten it continues to damage the gut as well as increases your risks of cancer. But thank you to Chelsea Clinton and Gwenyth pawltrow for assisting all of us who need a DF diet, whatever the reason.

  3. Nebraska

    The affordable places you mention are nothing more than uninspiring and shoddy renovations of older buildings. The more interesting projects are way overpriced for this area. $500k ?

    • olivia

      I do not agree with yor opinion of shoddy construction.

      city of miami beach blg depart/code compliance dept is very strict, plus has over 200 employees, this is enormous given the size of the city, 90,000 residents.

      our condo building had to repair an area of 12′ x 4″ on concrete patio and we had to give city an engineering report for this. Also we were given a summons because we had a dirt spot on a wall, that’s pretty strict dont you think?

  4. I’d like to know more specific information about some of these supposed “shoddy” renovations.

  5. Nebraska

    This invariably is the case with projects of this size. Contractors and/or subs for such small scale construction projects tend to be below par- quality subs just wouldn’t bother. A friend resides in one of the projects you mentioned, and the quality of the construction is glaringly deficient.

  6. Interesting point Neb. Thanks for your input.

  7. John

    I live in Flamingo Park (North) and LOVE it. People are always asking how a teacher can afford to live in South Beach, but people don’t know how quiet, relaxing and affordable life down here can really be.

  8. We’re going to be doing a profile for Flamingo Park North soon John. Thanks for the input.

  9. Dave A


    You’re paying for the fancy counters and cute toilets. These apartments are total rip-offs!!!

    920 Euclid : $199k – 500 sq ft
    729 Meridian : $265k – 500 sq ft
    751 Meridian : $200k – 440 sq ft
    928 Jefferson – $265k-$285k – 435-455 sq ft

  10. The area’s properties have mixed reviews. The neighborhood is what commands the prices.

  11. This place is really awesome. thanks for the post.

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