Sneek Peak: Lofts at Mayfair (Part II)

I recently took at tour of the Lofts at Mayfair while construction was still in progress. The halls were more like dark corridors, the pool like a cloudy puddle, and there was dust everywhere. Today, I returned to see a spectacular loft development near completion.

Here is a glimpse of today’s tour:

Image: Lobby (sofa still wrapped in plastic)

Images: Pool during construction (left) and after (Right)

Image: Private rooftop terraces

Images: Each penthouse features its own private rooftop terrace (notice the Downtown skyline in the background) equipped with jacuzzi and outdoor gas grill kitchen. Party at my house roof!

Image: view of the Grove from one of the units

Images: Split level lofts have living room on first floor and den on second

The Lofts at Mayfair is located in the heart of Coconut Grove across from the Shops at Mayfair and Coco Walk. One parking space is assigned to each owner, although in some instances two are granted. Regardless, the area features three nearby parking garages that make guest parking convenient.



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5 responses to “Sneek Peak: Lofts at Mayfair (Part II)

  1. NIce peak! My sis lives across the street. One can see the penthouses from her terrace. When’s the party? 🙂 The view from there is very amazing.

  2. Yea Its a nice set up. Occupation starts in like 20 days so expect the rooftop locura to commence then. 😉

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  4. renee dalaygon

    the design is quite simple and yet eligant…..massive concepts are impressive.

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