If Google Maps Street View Could Look Up

Wouldn’t it be nice if Google Maps Street View could look up? Pardon me for complaining despite the revolutionary break through the feature represents, but there is always a way to improve. Let’s consider this thought for a moment:

Looking forward – Google Maps Street View image of Met 1:

Looking up – View of Met 1 as photographed from street level:

Now that’s an improvement. My money’s on Google making it happen.


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3 responses to “If Google Maps Street View Could Look Up

  1. Gus

    Yes, it would be cool if Google Maps could your look up, but how would you feel if Google knocked on your door and wanted to look in?

    Google Interiors – The Day My House Became Searchable:


    “I’m Dierdre Martin and this is George.” She didn’t fill in George’s last name, but they both held out their hands and I shook them. I realized with a shock that George’s hat was a dense cluster of tiny cameras, forming a rounded beehive of angled, glittering eyes. “We’re from Google Interiors, a new venture sponsored by Google to make every home interior in the world searchable on the internet.”


    “So Google gives Interiors participants free access to valuable services like Google Handyman, which puts you in touch with free fixit support from professional contractors; Google Design, which brings you expert decoration suggestions from top interior designers, tailored to your particular preferences and home; Google Garagesale, which connects you with people who’d like to buy items they see in your house, and Google Yards, a tool that recommends plants and yard layouts based on your soil type, micro-climate, and usage patterns.”

    Would you let Google scan your house?

  2. OMG that is insane. I’m not surprised though–knowing all the experimental madness Google is cooking up in their labs.
    All the handyman, garage sale, interior design recommendation mumbo jumbo seems like a good way to set yourself up for constant soliciting. The really funny part was the Google Defense aspect. Google has thought of it all. In a few years they’ll be indexing our minds.
    I wouldn’t do it unless I was selling my home or I was rich enough to showcase my splendors. and even then, Google Defense wouldn’t calm my robbery concerns. Thanks for the comment and great find Gus!

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