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Urban Tech: Flash Earth

Flash Earth offers filters that allow the user to employ different mapping technologies without going back and forth between websites. Flash Earth is not good for diagramming and drawing on maps as none of the features are available. Correct me if I’m wrong. The site discloses that they use mapping technology from different providers without official consent so it may not be up for long, but while it still is, check it out.

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If Google Maps Street View Could Look Up

Wouldn’t it be nice if Google Maps Street View could look up? Pardon me for complaining despite the revolutionary break through the feature represents, but there is always a way to improve. Let’s consider this thought for a moment:

Looking forward – Google Maps Street View image of Met 1:

Looking up – View of Met 1 as photographed from street level:

Now that’s an improvement. My money’s on Google making it happen.


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I Keep Running into Demonstrations

The last one I ran into was about Hugo Chavez shutting down a Venezuelan T.V. station. This one is about preventing PIP insurance from being done away with. I love my city.


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Sneek Peak: Lofts at Mayfair (Part II)

I recently took at tour of the Lofts at Mayfair while construction was still in progress. The halls were more like dark corridors, the pool like a cloudy puddle, and there was dust everywhere. Today, I returned to see a spectacular loft development near completion.

Here is a glimpse of today’s tour:

Image: Lobby (sofa still wrapped in plastic)

Images: Pool during construction (left) and after (Right)

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A Quote to Start the Day

“Like ancient Alexandria, Cairo at its height, and Venice in the fifteenth century, Amsterdam owed much of its commercial success to the presence of a vast diversity of people. The combination of economic vitality and a diverse population create a climate ideal for bold new innovations in art, technology, and philosophy.”

(The City: A Global History, Joel Kotkin, pg. 79)

This passage comes from a section of the book that discusses Amsterdam’s rise as a global city in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century. The quote ties diversity into economic and civic prosperity. Miami, as you may know, has the highest percentage of foreign-born residents in the world.


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