“You Rule” Ad Campaign Captures NYC Hood Identities

The idea of a neighborhood being an extension of the individuals within it isn’t new. The collective activities of a neighborhood’s residents create the ambiance of the place. The buzz. The vibe. Whatever you want to call it. The people make “the feeling” happen. In NYC, there is a fresh ad campaign that attempts to make the residents of each Manhattan neighborhood feel a sense of identification with their communities. It’s called the “You Rule” campaign.

So what about Miami? Right now, the M&E, Brickell Village, Midtown, CBD, and Park West areas don’t have much character, but what about when most of the projects get topped off and the occupants and visitors stream in. Where will the snobs be? How about the bohemians? What area is going to have what scene and how are the people going to thicken the plot? Maybe in 5 years we can have our own “You rule” campaign. For now, things are just unraveling.


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