Outside of the Box: Eco-Architecture in Asia

Image: Dongtan

While the U.S. is beginning to see an increased interest in “green” development, Asia has lagged behind, but according to the Wall Street Journal, this could soon change.

  • Dongtan Eco-City – Chongming Island, near Shanghai, China: This massive $1.3 billion development is being deemed the world’s first eco-city. The development, which is about 1/3 the size of Manhattan Island, will house three eco-friendly villages. Energy to power the community will be derived from the Sun, wind, bio-fuels, and recycled organic materials. A quarter of the island will be an untouched ecological buffer. Rainwater will be purified for use and vehicles will operate on clean fuels.
  • Ocean One – Pattay, Thailand: This 91-story 611 unit beach front condo tower has an array of green features. 80% of the water used in the building will be recycled. Tap water will be fed back into toilets, and then treated and used for the grounds and gardens. Solar panels on the roof of an adjacent commercial building will power shops and restaurants. The panels may generate excess energy that will be fed into Thailand’s national electricity grid.

Image: Ocean One

Hong Kong alone is seeing the completion of over 130 green buildings. According to the Wall Street Journal, the eco-architecture wave is spreading in Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur, Nanjing, and many other Asian cities. Brickell Key-dominating Swire Properties, has been involved in propelling the movement in Hong Kong with, among others, the Orchards development.

Miami is now beginning to become aware of the green building movement. The Brickell Financial Center and COR developments are the most high-profile to go green locally to date.


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