Urban Tech: Zillow

Zillow is an informative real estate information site that allows prospective buyers and sellers to search properties for sale and recently sold as well as property tax info. Zillow also has data charts that illustrate price trends for individual homes/units relative to a respective zip code, municipality, and county–30-day price trends are highlighted to mark short term changes and historical value trends for insight into past fluctuations. Interestingly, statistics also compare a homes price appreciation (in percentage) to that of other homes in the metropolitan area. Zillow estimates the properties values based on comparable properties recently sold.

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2 responses to “Urban Tech: Zillow

  1. Andrew Randall

    Have you seen PropertyShark.com as well? Its more geared towards us (real estate professionals) and has detailed property reports, a comparables tool, access to distressed property listings, maps, and phones.


  2. Yea Andrew, I had posted a link to Property Shark a while back. Great site. It’s comparable to Zillow.
    Zillow does have some neat historical value trend plotting features and is powered by Virtual Earth 2-D, which gives it good vantage points.

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