Related International

Jorge Perez of the Related Group is a giant in Florida. In Tampa, his firm is being relied on to complete the Trump Tower, which ironically Trump pulled out of. In Palm Beach he’s building another Trump-brand tower. He has major projects in Georgia and elsewhere in the U.S., but now, his firm plans to aggressively transcend the U.S. market with Related International.

Related International is planning projects in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, and Uruguay. In Mexico, Related already has $1 billion worth of development in the pipeline. Mr. Perez’s expansion is that of Miami’s as well. His techniques and resources were formed, for the most part, in the Magic City, and his foray into international markets is Miami’s as well.



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3 responses to “Related International

  1. Gerardo Hernandez Pane

    Me interesaria participar en la comercializacion del proyecto que se desarrolla en Puerto Vallarta, en el area de Bahia de Banderas,
    por lo que solicito un contacto para tener mayor informacion.

    if is necesary the comunication in English, no problem.
    thank you

  2. jose alvarez

    im very interest for join at your group in Mexico…in this case for all the projects for Puerto Vallarta,Jalisco.Mexico….im architect and have experience in Governamental bylaws permissions and urban and architectural projects…i want have a contact for send my resume and ask for a oportunitty in your group…..thanks …

    Arq. Jose O.Alvarez I

    • Loved reading your posts, it all soduns magical and great fun. Kim and I are excited to join you all. We will be the oldest people on board and novices at everything. Try to be kind.

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