Cleared. Barely.

Here we have a cargo ship routinely passing under the Metro-mover bridge. While waiting for the ship to pass, I couldn’t help but notice that it barely cleared the bridge–by like 10 feet or so. I know the river dredging project is going to allow cargo ship capacity to increase, but definitely not the size of the ships. This one just barely made it through.



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  1. River dredging… oh yeah… that project… It’s apparently on hold why they remove the draw bridge around 5 Street.

    That bridge has been closed in the upright position b/c ships kept on crashing into it b/c the river was too narrow around that bend.

    However. I don’t understand how keep the bridge up, made it any better? Isn’t the bridge always up when ships pass? All they did was cause an inconvenience to motorists (namely ME) that used that bridge to get to I-95 without have to deal with Brickell traffic.

    Anyways, back to the post topic they are widening the river at that point to also allow bigger ships to pass.

  2. Regarding 5th street, that’s pretty bad. Not surprising though. I agree that what the City is doing doesn’t make much sense. Maybe the thing can’t properly close and open. These draw bridges aren’t exactly in the best shape.
    Regarding widening the river at the referenced point, I still don’t see how that can accommodate larger (taller) ships without elevating the metro mover bridge.
    On another unrelated note, I noticed the pizzeria in your building. Is it any good?

  3. Not really… it’s passible. I still prefer it over the chain places though. I had heard a rumor that the current owner used to work for Casola’s but I think that was just a rumor.

    According to the (rarely updated) Miami River Commission website:

    “Dr. Bohnsack noted she had been informed that the NW 12th Avenue Bridge is slated for removal at the end of 2006. Dr. Bohnsack stated that, to her knowledge, the removal of the NW 12th Avenue Bridge would be performed simultaneously with the removal of the NW 5th Street Bridge.”

    Removal of the bridge(s)? The 12th Street bridge cannot be removed. That’s the only eastbound entrance to 836 after 27th Ave and the whole Jackson medical area. Then again it’s 2007 and the bridge is still there. that quote was from the last set of minutes from Jan/2006… It seems like the whole River Revival is stuck in the muck at the bottom of the river. It moves… just very slowly.

  4. I’m in the process of reviewing the River Commission meeting minutes. Good times.

    I need to know what’s going on with their various plans. There are so many complications and questions associated with their initiatives that the whole ordeal is as murky as the river water. Still, important issues are being addressed by them and we’ll soon see where they stand.

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