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Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth

Image: Virtual Earth Birds Eye View function

I’m a big fan of Google Earth. It’s user-friendly, has great terrain, roads, and 3-D building features, etc. However, the Bird Eye view function for Microsoft’s Virtual Earth has me feeling pretty excited.

Image: Google Earth 3-D buildings feature

It allows the user to view actual buildings, in 2-D, from different angles. Google Earth does not have this capability. Microsoft’s Virtual Earth allows the user to zoom in unnecessarily close and has much more updated and better image quality than Google Earth. However, the zooming out capability is limited and one is left staring at a few buildings at a time instead of a full panorama. Google is releasing version 4 which is likely to have some eye-popping features.

In other news, Google is implementing a new feature to Google Maps: StreetView. Miami will be included in Street View in the coming months. This feature will enable the user to have a first-person street view of the city of their choice. Microsoft has already moved in the same direction with their own (limited release) version of the same feature.


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Cleared. Barely.

Here we have a cargo ship routinely passing under the Metro-mover bridge. While waiting for the ship to pass, I couldn’t help but notice that it barely cleared the bridge–by like 10 feet or so. I know the river dredging project is going to allow cargo ship capacity to increase, but definitely not the size of the ships. This one just barely made it through.


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Buyers Flee From Condo Contracts En Masse

A NY Times article reports that real estate attoryneys in South Florida are busy analyzing condo contracts for the purpose of releasing buyers from them. According to the report most buyers want their money back but many are even willing to lose hefty deposits to get out of unfavorable deals. The MHP has decreased in Broward from last year. This is mostly attributed to investors who never planned on living in their units. Gregg Covin, of Museum Park, has reported 45 of the project’s 200 units resold before closing. Blue, a Hyperion development, has seen 26% percent of its units resold since occupancy. As expected, flippers are flushing out of the market, but taking the MHP down with them. If what real estate consultant Jack McCabe said is true, then up to 70% of buyers may shake out their inventories before all is said and done.


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Not Just Another Overpass

Here you have what would be an eyesore of an overpass that would usually pose a security risk, but instead serves as an ideal place for basketball courts (Jose Marti Park). Here you can play basketball in the hot sun and be in the shade. You can play in the rain and remain somewhat dry.

This is the type of ingenuity that benefits the community, takes advantage of public owned land, and stabilizes the surrounding neighborhood. This is not something that can work everywhere but is a positive example to follow.


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