Ian Schrager in Downtown Miami

Image: St. Martins Lane Hotel, London (exterior)

South Beach is familiar with the Ian Schrager effect: having elaborately thought-out forward-thinking luxury hotels (Delano and Shore Club) that add to the Beach’s mystique. One cannot appreciate Schrager-inspired creativity until you, not just enter, but stay in one of the hotels he founded. Although the Delano and Shore Club are no longer associated with Ian, the resonance of his style, organization, and hospitality philosophy remain. If South Beach is familiar with the Schrager effect, then NYC is the epicenter of it. In the Big Apple Schrager founded (currently owned by the Morgans Hotel Group):

Schrager also founded the St. Martin Lane Hotel and Sanderson Hotel in London, and the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood. He is currently beginning to involve himself in residential development under the Ian Schrager Company.

Image: Hudson Hotel, NYC

That being said, in late 2005, Schrager and a parter acquired three Riande Continental hotels: Orlando, Miami Beach, and Downtown Miami. The third of these is of the most interest. The Downtown Riande sits in the heart of the CBD at N.E. 2nd street and Biscayne Blvd. It’s across the street from Everglades on the Bay and two blocks from both 50 Biscayne and the site for the proposed Empire World Towers.

Image: Mondrian Hotel bar, West Hollywood

It has been rumored, but not substantiated, that he may sell all the Riandes. Since late 2005, Schrager has not made any moves, but with the exception of One Miami, none of the Biscayne Blvd buildings have fully occupied. The boom’s transition is still taking shape. It makes more sense for many reasons (construction noise, Biscayne Boulevard improvements, etc.) for Schrager to wait to make a move.

Downtown has none of the mystique South Beach possesses, but Ian Schrager can help change that with one of his signature hotels in the heart of it. We’ll have to keep an eye on the Downtown Riande, for if Schrager tranforms the site, then it will add an intriguing dimension to the Downtown storyline.



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4 responses to “Ian Schrager in Downtown Miami

  1. Definite boost to downtown. I actually like the styling of the Riande hotel there. Dated by all the new buildings around it but the minty green glass does make it stand out.

  2. And you know Schrager is going to do a sick number on the interior. The result will be a dtown trendy/boutique hotel trend.

    • There is no shame. I manage to pull off some water aciivittes (I snorkeled in Cabo with Greg and thought I was going to die the whole time) but water freaks me out generally.I repeat, no shame. =]

  3. I will follow up when they do We here on the gulf have lenerad not to trust anyone envolved in this not our fault but their dishonesty is why Here is another organization that is doing independant testing.. WATER TESTING! You Can Help DONATE! : Surfrider Foundation Emerald Coast Chapter

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