Too Close for Comfort?

Image: Emerald and Sail

In the recent past, condos in Miami typically had ample space in between them. Brickell didn’t feel all that urban because of this. It represented the only semi-urban high rise residential neighborhood in Miami.

Today, there is no more room for ample space. If you live in a high rise in Brickell or any where else in the city core, chances are, you’ve got another one pretty damn close to you. Maybe too close for comfort.

Image: Latitude on the River I, II, and Neo Vertika

The Sail and Emerald, standing side by side with similar cylindrical parking garages, look like offshoots of eachother. Quantum’s South Tower and 1800 Club are so close that they appear to be attached. The two separate Latitude buildings and Neo Vertika are so close to one another that they appear to be a single three phase development from certain angles.

Image: 1800 Club, Quantum North, and South Towers

Concentrate several multi-phase high rises in a small area, as is the case in parts of Brickell, the CBD, M&E, and Uptown, and the result means some serious view blockage. Everyone’s heard of the “grass is always greener on the other side.” Things change when living in the heights. Instead, the saying becomes “the view is often better on the other side”, and believe me, that’s worse.



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2 responses to “Too Close for Comfort?

  1. brad5720

    And all condo docs for such projects always disclaim developer liability for unit views (or lack thereof) in the present or future due to any nearby tower developments. They also disclaim any liability for noise, debris, etc. as a result of nearby construction activity. I have a friend who lives in Brickell on the River and wakes up everyday at 6 AM to jackhammers, cranes, etc. He regrets buying there due to the construction inconveniences in both his and adjacent buildings.

    Think about the original buyers at Portofino in South Pointe–7 years ago most had unobstructed views of the bay, downtown, Atlantic. Now many views are confined to that of their neighbor’s balcony next tower over. How depressing.

  2. Developers disclaim a lot of shadiness and unless the buyer has an attorney looking into all these issues, chances are they’re going to be screwed somehow someway.

    Nearby construction noise is an absolute nightmare, but at least its temporary.

    The South Pointe issue might be depressing relative to the original view, but I don’t ever want to hear a Portofino tower owner complain to me about anything.

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