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Amazing Adam

Lincoln Road is filled with street performers. You know, the plastered statute lady, the break dancers, the gypsy guitarist, mimes, and of course, the disco dancing spinning dude with his platforms, colorful outfit, and little boom box. Just when I thought I had seen it all, I came across Amazing Adam.

Last Saturday night I was seated having drinks with my girlfriend and a man walked up to me asking if I had misplaced my wallet. He pulled it out and before I could react, it caught fire in his hands. I knew then that some shit was going down. Amazing Adam ended up offering a stupefyingly fresh magic show on the spot. The three mojitos that preceded it, I’m sure, had something to do with me being stupefied, but the card tricks were truly mind boggling. He charged me 10 bucks, hit on my girlfriend, jokingly of course, and went on his merry way. As it turns out, he has a website and has worked with numerous celebs. If Amazing Adam finds you on the beach and offers you a performance, consider yourself lucky.

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Sidewalk View of the Boom

The vantage point of the images below are from a north Brickell Avenue sidewalk. Looking around, the construction boom surrounds you.

Looking North: 9 cranes are visible. 7 projects are under construction. What is most telling is what is missing. The three phase ICON Brickell is partially built out as is Epic. Met 2 and the soaring Met 3, not yet under construction, are missing from the picture.

Looking West: 500 Brickell is under construction in the foreground. Brickell on the River I (north) and II (south) are clearly visible. Ivy and Wind, both under construction, are visible through the spaces in between. Much of the River construction activity is blocked by the BOR towers.

Looking South: One can see the Related Group’s two phase Plaza development and the rapidly built and impressively crowned Avenue project. What is missing? 1101 and 1110 Brickell are not yet under construction.

As impressive as these images of the boom may be, they don’t do justice to seeing it in person. There is no doubt of the historic significance of the boom when surrounded by it on all sides. Amazingly, what these images show is but a fraction of the construction activity in Miami.


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