Tracking Emerging Neighborhoods: Simpson Park Triangle

Map: Simpson Park Triangle


There is an interesting pocket of development activity in the Brickell Village area. It is contained within S.W. 15th Road, the I-95, and S.W. 1st Avenue. East of the I-95, south of Brickell Village, and west of the Roads, the neighborhood forms a triangle slightly smaller than Brickell Key. The Metro-Rail runs adjacent to it.

Above: Crown of One Plaza West Brickell

The Simpson Park Triangle is isolated by the I-95 on the west, which only affords it one entrance ( S.W. 1st Avenue), and the Metrorail line to the east. There is one east entrance into the neighborhood (S.W. 15th Road). All other east entrances are blocked by the Metrorail’s ground line to/from the Brickell Station. From the north there are two entrances (S.W. 2nd and 3rd Avenues).

Image: Rendering of Habitat I and II


On S.W. 1st Avenue, between S.W. 17th Road and the I-95, the Melo Group is planning the 22 story One Plaza West Brickell development. Directly to the north of the Melo site is what seems to be a foundation ditch. The parcel is owned by PCU Investments LLC. Moving along S.W. 1st Avenue, there is a single family home and a relatively new development Brickell View Condo at the corner of S.W. 1st and 17th Road.

Image: Construction of Brickell Roads Atriums

Turning north along 17th Road there is more activity on the corner of S.W. 2nd avenue and 17th Road, in the form of Habitat. This two phase project covers the north and south sides of S.W. 2nd avenue at 17th Road. The development is green and impressively planned.

Farther along S.W. 2nd Avenue there are a couple of vacant parcels and three unique developments. One of them, Brickell Road Atriums, is under construction and features intricately furnished split level lofts with rooftop pools. The second one, 1725 S.W. 2nd Avenue, has a sleek design and was recently built and occupied. Next to the Brickell Road Atriums site, on what is now a vacant lot, stands the third unique development: Bunker Brickell; formerly Barim at Brickell, developed by the Eurosuites Group.

Bunker Brickell will feature:

  • An independent 24-hour weather monitoring system.
  • Individual air conditioning units will be encased in each condo’s walls.
  • SOS – Safety Owner Storage, which is air conditioned
  • Hurricane-resistant with hardened glass and micro-perforated steel shutters.
  • Filtered water tank containing at least 30 days’ drinking water supply.
  • An independent power generation system capable of supplying more than 30 days’ full power in the event of a local power outage.

Image: Rendering of Brickell Roads Atriums rooftop pools

Along the the east side of 17th Road between S.W. 2nd Avenue and 2nd Court, a limited liability corporation named MJF Majestic Plaza, owns the land. There is no current information about plans for the site. The two parcels occupy 48,885 square feet.

The East Side

The east side of the Triangle, between S.W. 17th Road and 15th Road, is under utilized. There isn’t much in the way of new construction, but many of the well situated lots have been recently acquired in bundles and are owned by limited liability corps. The development along the west side of the Triangle will undoubtedly spur these entities to push forward their plans.

Image: Habitat I under construction

The isolated Simpson Park Triangle neighborhood is surrounded by the Roads, the S.W. 3rd Avenue Corridor, and Brickell Village on its three sides. It is a short walk from South Miami Avenue (under going major road improvements).



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10 responses to “Tracking Emerging Neighborhoods: Simpson Park Triangle

  1. offtheradar

    I stopped by Simpson Park a couple of months back curious about it b/c I would always drive by but it was closed for years.

    It was late in the day, and you had to register in the office to go inside. Maybe pay a fee? I had my dog with me, so I decided to try another day

    I think it could be some sort of garden but the signs up front were not very descriptive. Do you have any idea what is in the park?

  2. I do know that the park was first opened to preserve Hammocks. Later there were some efforts to see if the area had any archaeological significance. There is a garden center that was built in the 40’s and restored recently. there is also a pond in there. It seems that the city is still trying to figure out what to do with the park.

  3. Gabriel Lopez-Bernal

    Excellent Analysis Xavier. I really Enjoyed this piece. Perhaps you could address the Columbus Tower proposal which has been the target of some major opposition due to its height…

  4. Thanks Gabe! The 710 ft Columbus Tower, according the commission, was denied approval because it would have made an awkward development transition in the area, due to its height. This is despite it running parallel to the Four Seasons. I do know that the developer reduced it from 57 floors to 50. It’s scheduled for review by the commission on the 27th of May, I believe.

    If built, it would serve as a catalyst for the area north of Simpson Park Triangle and would likely propel development further westward. I disagree with the Commission on the height issue. It seems to me like delaying the inevitable densification of the Brickell Village interior. Or, maybe nimbys from the Roads are causing an uproar.

  5. christinab

    How is it to live in the Brickell area? I will be moving from my Miami Beach condo soon and am researching new neighborhoods. I have been thinking of Brickell or the South of 5th area on the beach.

  6. At this point, Brickell, particularly the interior, is noisy with construction (look at the “too close for comfort” post and what Brad had to say. It’ll be this way for quite some time. Still, of all the urban areas, it is the most mature and is seeing some interesting retail development (MBV).
    SOFI is pricey, unless you’re in the apogee, murano, and continuum $$ range. Sofi has some great loft-style projects in the interior(cosmopolitan…The courts, etc.) ..check those out.
    You may want to look into the M&E along n. bayshore dr or even the CBD along the boulevard up to Parkwest. For a more quiet and less dense urban lifestyle, check out the SW 3rd avenue corridor (The Roads at 21, Nordica, etc.). Keeping your options open is good.

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  8. talentco

    I live in Brickell and absolutely love it. The Brickell area, or better said anything on Brickell with an unobstructed view of the bay, is largely undervalued in my opinion.

    I live on Brickell Key and the fact that you can buy in my building (Tequesta 3) for $500 – $550 per sq. foot is a steal.
    Anyone who hesitates to buy now will be kicking themselves in five years. Unobstructed on the bay in the Brickell Area will be at $1,000 / sq foot once we break out of this hicup we’re in.
    And south beach will command $1,500-$2,000 where it should be.

    Brickell offers the best of everything. It’s just a wonderful place to live.

  9. Roger

    Hi Offtheradar. I used to work in the park during high school as part of an honors science volunteer effort in the summer of 1987. Back then, it was me and another student and the Park Ranger/Manager. Back then it was open all the time. It is a hammocks preserve with Florida native trees/plants. Other than the Park Ranger’s office, it has a garden center where the local garden club would meet. Back then, before a fence was put up, we would find santeria sacrifices, used condoms, and used drug paraphanelia. I hope the City of Miami keeps it as a preserve to show generations what Miami looked like and to educate all of us the importance of maintaining Florida native plants/animals…

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