Spotlight On: Collins Avenue Shopping District

Since 2000, Collins Avenue, from 5th street to about 10th street, has gradually evolved into a one-of-a-kind shopping district. What makes this shopping district special, other than the world class beach one block away, numerous restaurants, trendy boutique hotels, lounges, and bars, is that many of the stores occupy entire Art Deco boutique hotels and apartment complexes. As shoppers walk the Collins Avenue Shopping District, which the City of Miami Beach considers part of the Fashion District, they are, in effect, walking through an architectural showcase.

The typical fashionista is not likely to notice or care that they are shopping in a historic structure, but whether they recognize it or not, it makes the shopping experience special. New structures have been added to the mix with retail at street level. The Zyscovich-designed 500 Collins building and 634-666 Collins are two examples. Both complexes house Zara, Intermix, Giraux, Leo, MAC, Nicole Miller, Vidal Sassoon, and United Colors of Benetton. The shopping district currently ends at 10th street, but there is room for it to expand northward. Collins, between 10th and 15th streets represents an underutilized segment of the storied avenue.

Collins Avenue Shopping District:

Below: Map of the Area



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8 responses to “Spotlight On: Collins Avenue Shopping District

  1. There really are nice stores there. Just avoid it during the summer weekends unless you get there before 11am. Parking is next to impossible. Now THIS is a reason for BayLink.

  2. BayLink will be great for the Beach and community at large. Let’s just hope it happens within the next freaking decade.

    • To my surprise, in reenct months, I’ve met more world travlers originally from Toronto than anywhere else in the world. Now having read this, its no wonder since the city seems so richly mixed in different culturals that its inhabitants would only to seek the world even more. I will have to visit someday soon.

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