Collins Park Cultural Center is a Centerpiece for Development

Image: Setai

The Collins Cultural Center and Park will be comprised of the Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach Library, Miami City Ballet, as well as a new beach front park. It sits at the north east edge of Miami Beach’s CANDO District (Cultural Arts Overlay District). The site of the CPCC is surrounded by new development: Parc Place, Rivage, The Residences at the W, Paradiso, and the Setai. Already, there is a Walgreens planned across from Paradiso. The CPCC falls into the City’s plans for the incorporation of art in public places by having outdoor art and sculptures on display:

  • A Perfect Place – by Jose Bedia
  • Me, Knife, Diamond, and Flower – by James Surls
  • Collins Park Title Project – by Cosmyk Images
  • War Giro – by Carlos Luna
  • Maze – by Brian Tolle
  • Bandshell – by Morris Lapidus
  • Fountain – by Carlos Alves

Image: View of the construction site for the W (foreground) and Paradiso (background)

The completion of the CPCC will coincide with the occupancy of all of the aforementioned projects except Setai, which is already occupied. The Zyscovich designed Parc Place is resting its name on it. The park will add another dimension to Miami Beach’s growing cultural fold. It will boost pedestrian traffic and retail activity in the area as well.

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