White Elephant Documentary

This morning’s Herald features an article on the faded Miami Stadium. Really, it was a preview on the groundbreaking documentary film White Elephant: What Is There to Save?

Just by reading the article and viewing the preview on the film’s website, I can sense that the documentary is inspired, stylistic, and deeply informed. The story is of ambition and broken dreams. A Cuban exile maverick millionaire decides to gamble his fortune on a vision: to lure professional baseball to Miami.

It debuts this Saturday at 8:00 P.M. at the Tower Theater (1508 S.W. 8th Street) in Little Havana. Admission is free.



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4 responses to “White Elephant Documentary

  1. CJF

    Professional baseball has been played in Greater Miami, dating back to 1927. Miami Stadium was, indeed, a very important part of that history.

  2. Mrs. Humberto Chico Fernandez

    My husband played in Old Miami stadium. Is this documentary available for sale? I would love to give it to him. He enjoyed the film so much and remembered many of the old players pictured. He was also mentioned in this film. Thank you.
    Mrs. humberto Chico Fernandez

  3. harvey Starin

    I just saw this on WLRN (March, 2009) and was captivated. I spent many hours on Saturday afternoons in the west bleachers (lot of free tix given away in those days). I also MUST have a copy. any idea of where to find one???

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