FDOT Plans for the I-395


The FDOT’s plans for the repositioning of the I-395 is critical for Miami’s urban core, particularly Parkwest and the M&E District. The plans for the Opus tower just north of the I-395 were canceled to ensure that the project would not be compromised, yet we hear of the $1 billion port tunnel bid being approved, but nothing about the I-395 repositioning. Let’s take a closer look at what the project will entail and how it may affect its surroundings:

Project Area:

There are 5 alternatives for repositioning the I-395

Alternative 1(No build):

This involves doing nothing. According to the FDOT, this would not alleviate traffic flow, and corridor deficiencies, not to mention the eyesore that is the existing overpass, which is an impediment for the development in the M&E District as well as Parkwest. In other words, bad idea.

Alternative 2:

Alt. 2 Image: The orange portions are the elevated highway. The red portions are elevated embankments.

(Elevated Midtown Interchange) This alternative involves increasing the elevation of the current overpass in order to make it less visually objectionable. This would also involve adding additional access and exit ramps at 4 locations. Frankly, this is a supersized version of what we have. No good.

Alternative 3 (Elevated Miami Avenue):

This provides for the expansion for the I-395 mainway to three lanes in both directions instead of two. The I-395 would be elevated as in alternative 2.

Alternative 4 (Tunnel):

Alt. 4 Image: The orange portions are the elevated highway. The red portions are elevated embankments.The green part is the tunnel between Miami Ave. and Biscayne Blvd.

This alternative provides for the expansion of the I-395 mainway to three lanes in both directions and includes a tunnel between Miami Avenue and Biscayne Boulevard.

Alternative 5 (Open Cut):

Alt. 5 Image: The orange portions are the elevated highway. The red portions are elevated embankments.The light blue part is the Open Cut tunnel.

This alternative provides for an extended “Open Cut” tunnel that extends from N.W. 3rd Avenue to Biscayne Blvd. “Open Cut” means that the freeway is dug in without a roof. N.W. 1st Avenue, N. Miami Ave., N.E. 3rd and 2nd, and Biscayne Blvd. would all cross the Open Cut freeway as bridges.


It appears that the Open Cut option is the most desirable as it extends farther than the tunnel in Alternative 4. Furthermore, it will be less costly than building a tunnel. The realignment will open up park space in the Parkwest area, surrounding the upstart urban neighborhood with park land to the north and west. This will make the already desirable neighborhood even more desirable. This might explain why Boymelgreen and Kodsi have snatched up so much land in the area. Furthermore, it will eliminate the overpass which is a major eyesore, security problem, transportation and development impediment.

It isn’t clear how much this project will cost, where the funding will come from, or when construction will begin, but it is clear that local and state officials are intent on making one of the alternatives a reality, and it seems Alternative Five is the most likely to be initiated.


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19 responses to “FDOT Plans for the I-395

  1. thanks for the breakdown.

  2. No prob Lara. Nice website and blog by the way.

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  8. Marc305

    I have lived in the Omni area for the last 10 years. All I can say is – From your lips to God’s ears. I hope Alternative 5 will come to pass.

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  10. Steve Hagen, chair Parks & Public Space committee of Miami Neighborhoods United

    If FDOT thinks an elevated 395 is such a great idea, why don’t they bring truck traffic out of the port via an elevated highway starting at AA Area and save a least a half a billion over the tunnel costs. An elevated east west highway would provide a shaded walkway across town and the street under it could be closed to become Miami’s living room competing with Lincoln Road. Sydney waterfront has such an elevated highway and under it is one of the heavesiet pedestrian areas of the city.
    This would satify the need for a greenway from Biscayne Boulevard to 95 as suggested by the day long Bicentennial Park Charette in February of 2001 attended by by over 300 people. This was the charette in which the majority of participants wanted Bicentennial to be a traditional beautiful shaded green park with NO large buildings in it.

    I support an open cut or tunnel for 395 and yes add green space. If open cut, deaden the noise with artistic sculptural coverings. .

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  12. victor

    I support the “open cut” if the constructuion is plan to start in 10 years then start saving from the I-95 express to build it and fill it with green plants (borders) and later cover up the open cut and build parks on top of it or some kind of mall but no skyscraper because of the heavy weight. this can be a great oppurtutnity, you can even sale the top part(open cut) to private investors. If they build a high elevated I-395 it will only disrupt the adrienne arsht center. I think is excuses if the adrienne arsht center does not support the open cut, they can demand the open-cut to be parks right away when done, or they can just want the taller I-395 to block their view from pedestrians.
    Does Chicago or New York have expressways crossing their city? No!! but they do have subways underground.


    how we pay for it are alternatives. we can make this a better tourist friendly place and not only south beach.

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