The Sunny Isles Skyline Versus Florida’s Big Cities

Sunny Isles is a relatively small beach front community, yet the average height and density of its skyline has exceeded the skylines of Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville.

The Solis tower alone would be the tallest in Tampa at 583ft (taller than the 579ft. AmSouth Bldg). Tampa has a total of four 500 footers and two 400 footers. Sunny Isles has ten 500 footers and nine 400 footers. (Note: Tampa has plans for a 600 footer, three 500 footers, and three 400 footers, but construction has yet to begin)

Orlando is simply blown away by the Sunny Isles skyline. The SunTrust Center at 441ft. is Orlando’s tallest but would rank #19 in height were it to be in Sunny Isles.

Jacksonville fairs better than the other large Florida cities. It has a 600 footer whereas Sunny Isles has none. However, Jacksonville has only one 500 footer and two 400 footers. Sunny Isles, again, blows the city’s skyline away. (Note: Jax has plans for a 700, 600, and 500 footer, but construction has yet to begin)

Considering that Sunny Isles is but a sub-segment of Greater Miami, it is telling to see that its skyline exceeds the scope of Florida’s other big cities. This is another indication of the anomalous nature of the boom. In fact, Sunny Isles’ skyline ranks second in Florida and exceeds the scope of many other major U.S. cities. This is a far cry from the motel row that it was 15 years ago.

Here is the Sunny Isles Building List (excluding Chi):

Solis Residences 583ft.
Acqualina 551ft.
Trump Palace 551ft.
Trump Royale 551ft.
Jade Ocean 549ft.
Trump Tower I 541ft.
Trump Tower II 541ft.
Trump Tower III 541ft.
Paramount Beach 509ft.
The Sea 509ft.
Turnberry Ocean Colony South 486ft.
Turnberry Ocean Colony North 486ft.
Regalia 485ft.
The Pinnacle 476ft.
La Perla 447ft.
Ocean Four 446ft.
La Perla 447ft.
Ocean Four 446ft.
Ocean Three 404ft.
The Millenium 381ft.
Sayan 342ft.


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