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Bayview Market will Propel Development in the M&E District

Bayview Market, today, seems a visionary proposition. On the DDA map, it sits just outside of the designated Media and Entertainment District. This will change as the M&E expands. Bayview Market’s site is on N.E. 2nd Avenue and 17th Street. This neighborhood had been devoid of development activity for years until Parc Lofts was constructed. Today, Bayview’s site is surrounded by the newly built Parc Lofts, planned MAX Tower (does not appear on the DDA list), Filling Station Lofts, Urbana and Ellipse projects.

Bayview Market has lured Lowe’s as a retail anchor, and now, reportedly, Wal Mart too. If true, this would mark Wal Mart’s first step into Miami’s urban core. Except the M&E District, as recently as 2003, was not the urban core, but on the fringes of it. It represented the frontier of the urban landscape. Buyers at Parc Lofts were the urban pioneers. However, with Wal Mart present, the frontier era will end. Bayview Market will make the neighborhood a destination.

According to the Herald’s Elaine Walker, the Bayview developers are to announce new big-name retailers within weeks. As it stands, a Lowes and a Wal Mart will lure more well-known retailers. Bayview is suddenly at the forefront of Miami’s retail resurgence in the urban core. Wal Mart’s presence there will change the face of the community and attract shoppers from all over the urban core and as far as Miami Beach. Traffic will increase significantly. Owners at nearby developments will be in the center of this increasing activity. Expect more loft projects to be announced in the immediate area. The close proximity to the Omni and City Square project make the area a hotbed of activity with a high degree of potential.


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