The Downtown Macy’s is Not Going Anywhere

Today, the Urban Land Institute held a function at the 6th floor of the Macy’s building downtown. Dana Nottingham, Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority, was present as a sponsor and moderator. The focus of the discussion revolved around the future of retail in Downtown. The discussion was highly informative and interactive. Since the potential resurgence of retail was the emphasis of the discussion and it was taking place inside of the Macy’s building, I thought it appropriate to ask Mr. Nottingham about the status of Macy’s remaining in Downtown. Late last year, it was reported that Federated Department Stores, operator of Macy’s, was threatening to pull out of the Downtown market, yet this seemed to contradict their national retail/urban activities as well as the existing positive state of development in the Downtown area. When asked if Macy’s was pulling out of Downtown, Mr. Nottingham answered by saying that the report was not accurate to begin with and that FDS was in fact proactively engaged in discussions regarding Flagler improvements as well as Downtown’s development. It looks like my prediction of a Macy’s revamp in the near future bolstered. Great news for Dtown.


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