Little Havana Evolving into Middle Class Urban Enclave

Here is an interesting article regarding Little Havana’s latest residential development and emergence as a middle class enclave. Here is a list of some of the affordable housing developments planned for or near the Little Havana neighborhood:

  • Capital Place 19 floors 181ft Residential/Office—Proposed
  • Capiro Tower 15 floors 150ft Residential—Approved
  • 1377 Condo 15 floors 149ft Residential—Approved
  • VOA 12 floors 132ft Office—Proposed
  • Palma 14 floors 124ft Residential—Approved
  • Latin Q Tower 14 floors 122ft Residential—Approved
  • Ehden Place 13 floors 121ft Residential—Proposed
  • 1800 Club 14 floors 120ft Residential—Approved
  • Nuevo Centro 11 floors 117ft Residential—Approved
  • San Lorenzo 10 floors 110ft Residential—Approved
  • 216 SW 12 AVE 8 floors 100ft Residential—Approved
  • Douglas Place 14 floors Residential—Construction
  • Diamond 10 floors Residential—Proposed
  • Altos De Miami, 16 floor condo tower, Flagler st. and 22nd Ave
  • Capital Place 17 floors 167ft Residential—Proposed
  • World Crystal 12 floors 150ft Residential—Proposed
  • Morrison 19 floors 200ft. Residential – Proposed

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