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New Miami Blog: Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller was roughed up and arrested by City of Miami cops for simply photographing them. Now, he says his side of the story on his blog hosted at WordPress. Well, here’s what he has to say:

  • My side of the story

    My name is Carlos Miller and I am a writer, reporter and photojournalist who was arrested by Miami police after taking photos of them against their wishes, which was a clear violation of my First Amendment rights. I have pleaded not guilty to the nine misdemeanor charges they conjured to justify their arrest. My trial begins May 7th. Click here to read more.

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Little Havana Evolving into Middle Class Urban Enclave

Here is an interesting article regarding Little Havana’s latest residential development and emergence as a middle class enclave. Here is a list of some of the affordable housing developments planned for or near the Little Havana neighborhood:

  • Capital Place 19 floors 181ft Residential/Office—Proposed
  • Capiro Tower 15 floors 150ft Residential—Approved
  • 1377 Condo 15 floors 149ft Residential—Approved
  • VOA 12 floors 132ft Office—Proposed
  • Palma 14 floors 124ft Residential—Approved
  • Latin Q Tower 14 floors 122ft Residential—Approved
  • Ehden Place 13 floors 121ft Residential—Proposed
  • 1800 Club 14 floors 120ft Residential—Approved
  • Nuevo Centro 11 floors 117ft Residential—Approved
  • San Lorenzo 10 floors 110ft Residential—Approved
  • 216 SW 12 AVE 8 floors 100ft Residential—Approved
  • Douglas Place 14 floors Residential—Construction
  • Diamond 10 floors Residential—Proposed
  • Altos De Miami, 16 floor condo tower, Flagler st. and 22nd Ave
  • Capital Place 17 floors 167ft Residential—Proposed
  • World Crystal 12 floors 150ft Residential—Proposed
  • Morrison 19 floors 200ft. Residential – Proposed

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Bush Speaks of Democracy and Freedom in Cuba

Today, Bush spoke live on national television about his meeting with EU officials where trade was the focus. I watched the speech. Now, I want my President to do well,  especially when speaking in public, but the man is as much an orator as Hitler was a pacifist. When referring to the EU, he, I guess, thought both EU and Europe and instead said “Eew”. He didn’t stop to correct himself. He probably figured it didn’t matter. Anyhow, John Stewart, David Letterman, Bill Maher, John Leno, or all of them already had someone on their staff jotting down this latest verbal fumble.

Bush went on to summarize his discussion with the EU officials, which he described as “constructive” and “interesting”. He mentioned the topics that were addressed and somewhere between Darfur and Iranian nuclear ambitions, he mentioned Cuba. “We talked about Cuba”, he said. I figured he was referring to Guantanamo but no. He said that Cuba could only be free and democratic. In other words, when Castro dies, the U.S. is not going to accept anything but democracy. His tone was serious almost ominous. Mind you, he said this right along with the most pressing matters of our time: the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Iran’s plans for nukes, and the civil war in Sudan. Is Cuba’s democratization that important? Apparently it is. Miami stands front row center for whatever may transpire as Fidel Castro nears death and the political currents change.

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Bribing Neighborhood Associations not Uncommon

It is interesting to see that neighborhood associations sometimes approach developers to arrange payoffs to silence Nimby concerns. It works vice versa as well. I was oblivious to this type of behavior. Here I thought Nimby’s were standing for their “not in my backyard” principles, but I guess even that, in some cases, has its price. Now there is a movement to get neighborhood associations and developers to disclose such deals.

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Alton Road Flyover Might be Demolished

South Beach’s 5th street flyover is studied by the FDOT in order to best determine what future course of action to take with the overpass in relation to the proposed plans for the voter-approved Baylink.

This is encouraging news since not much has been said about the Baylink in recent months. The City of Miami Beach initially opposed the Baylink proposition. The 5th street/Alton Rd. flyover currently runs through Boymelgreen’s Vitri project parcel and the proposed 5th and Alton big box project to the east.

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