Envisioning the Media and Entertainment District

Last year, Zyscovich put forth plans for rezoning the 270 acre Omni District. This area today, is being referred to as the Media and Entertainment District. The new zoning incorporates mixed income developments and enhanced streetscapes. This area, as I have mentioned here before, represents the frontier of Miami’s construction boom. It has the most vacant land, the lowest acquisition costs, and now the zoning is ideal for fostering further densification and vertical development. With this plan, Zyscovich’s firm is playing an historic role in shaping the area’s future.

Here’s a vision of the future of the M&E District:

Currently, the area is seeing plans that include Pedro Martin’s massive City Square  development, Argent’s 6 tower 15 year Omni project, Cardinal’s Symphony, the AOC Tower, the Chelsea, MAX tower, Bayview market, Filling Lofts, among others and there are several high profile parcels for sale. All of these combined with the Performing Arts Center and the impressive development in South Edgewater (Quantum, Opera tower, 1800 Club, Portico, on the Park, Cite, and Paramount Bay) make the M&E vicinity the most exciting to analyze. The area might, in the future, represent Miami’s urban core. As it is, the area is a blank canvas, but developers, architects, and investors have long been making plans to fill it in.


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3 responses to “Envisioning the Media and Entertainment District

  1. I really hope that the city and developers move forward to build commercial projects in the PAC area. I have been a resident in this area for 3 years now and a Realtor as well. I think many prospective residents are waiting for more boutiques and restaurants to move in. Residential development is great but I would like to see some more things to do without having to drive over to the beach or the grove. I think the city has a huge opportunity to make this the next happening place in Miami. Let’s all hope they do it right.


  2. You’re right, there’s a commercial development drought in the M&E. This will change as the PAC and Anderson Opera Center attract visitors to the area. The good news is that Terra’s plans for City Square and Argent’s plans for Omni are incorporating quite a bit of retail and that will serve as a catalyst in luring other commercial establishments. Cite incorporated commercial pretty well. You can expect the same from the ground level portions of the other nearby mixed use developments. Paramount’s Edgewater Square is a good example. A marked improvement will be noticed, I think, within the next 2 – 3 years.

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